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Without a heart.


(ā″kar′dē-ă) [ a- + Gr. kardia, heart]
Congenital absence of the heart (e.g., in a monozygotic twin supported by the circulatory system of the other fetus).
acardiac (ā″kar′dē-ak), adjective
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Acardiac twin presenting as fetus amorphous with an attenuated umbilical cord.
Malformations in acardiac twins are consistent with reversed blood flow: liver as a clue to their pathogenesis.
Acardiac acephalic twin gestation with transposition of great arteries in pump twin.
Acardiac twin with externalized intestine adherent to placenta: unusual manifestation of omphalocele.
Thermocoagulation for the early treatment of pregnancy with an acardiac twin.
1) booked case in a primary health centre was diagnosed to have acardiac twin at 16 weeks of gestation.
DISCUSSION: Acardiac fetus was 1st described by Gruenwald in 1942 and is also known as Acephalus Chorioangiopagus Parasiticus.
The acardiac twin weighed 900 grams with absent head, chest and upper limbs.
The donor twin pumps deoxygenated blood via vascular anastomosis to acardiac twin.
Two-third of acardiac fetuses are acardiac acephalic, which is the most common variety, and they are female 2.
DISCUSSION: A variety of acardiac twins have been described based on the degree of cephalic or truncal maldevelopment (2).
3] Umur et al used a modified hemodynamic resistance model and predicted that the pump twin has excess blood volume and increased mean arterial blood pressure compared to those in the acardiac twin.