acai palm

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açaí palm

(ä-sä-ē′) or

assai palm

1. A tall slender palm (Euterpe oleracea) found in coastal and lowland regions in northern South America. It is harvested for hearts of palm, and its small purple fruits are processed into juice and nutritional supplements.
2. Any of several other South American palms of the genus Euterpe.
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Below left, Justicia rizzinii, and, right, the acai palm, whose deep purple berries are used in health drinks
Rogez, who published on acai's anthocyanin and fiber-rich properties in the 1990s, continues to work with the fruit and has trained a growing cadre of graduates in the ecological, chemical, and food production aspects of the acai palm and its berry.
The acai palm also produces palmito (palm hearts), which have long been favored in salads for their texture and blandness.
Acai palm fruit (Euterpe oleracera Mart.) pulp improves survival of flies on a high fat diet.
Harvested from acai palm trees in Central and South America, the acai berry looks a bit like a large blueberry with a big seed in the middle.
The acai berry is the fruit of the acai palm and is traditionally consumed in Brazil but has gained popularity abroad as a food and functional ingredient, yet little information exists on its health effect in humans.