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An inhabitant of a medical ivory tower
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The AIOU was urging its academicians to take an interest in the national and universal occasions for fortifying research work in their distinctive fields of science and technology.
Hence, senior academicians should be cautious when accepting the requests of editorship or membership for editorial boards from such journals.
During the meeting, academician Abdygany Erkebayev will familiarize participants with the annual report on the activities of the National Academy of Sciences in 2014.
academicians, industry leaders and several distinguished guests from all walks of life.
Decades of harm can be reversed by parents and academicians if they replace induced maths anxiety and negative admissions with a logical outlook and encouragement.
1 -- (BNA)-- The World Association for Sustainable Development (WASD)'s Chairman Professor Allam Ahmed announced completion of preparations ahead of the (Creativity, Development and the role of HR) in the Kingdom of Bahrain on 26th September 2013 at the Golden Tulip Hotel in partnership with Salt Events Management Company with expected participation of international expert academicians and economists from all over the world.
Professors, academicians, poets, former employees of state institutions and members of local government councils, including such grand names for the Macedonian culture as Slavko Janevski, the author of the first novel in the Macedonian language, writer Bozin Pavlovski and sculptor Tome Serafimovski, have so far been declared by the lustration committee as collaborators of the secret services amidst public protests and outcries.
Legal experts explain that a lawsuit against MANU and certain academicians is possible if there are documents that confirm the plans on division of Macedonia in 2001.
Others say that they are protecting their career and many that the Macedonian academicians have nothing to say.
Project Genesis aims at improving the employability of students from Tier 2 and 3 towns in India through focused training interventions conducted through the medium of their college academicians.
In this regard, Director of the Micro-Finance Unit at the Central Bank, Hiba Mahmamad Saddig, said the conference's objectives includes establishing a micro-finance Forum for the academicians and decision-makers and promoting the micro-finance industry besides creating opportunities to exchange the expertise among the participants of the local and foreign academicians and consultants in domains of micro-finance.
What do the academicians think about the process of training Turkish teachers?