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A popular term of art referring to a finding or observation that is of interest, but which would not affect the patient’s management or outcome; as in, “Given the size of Mrs Edgeware’s brain metastases, whether her liver metastases will respond to chemo is purely academic.” It is often used at various levels of healthcare referring to issues that do not have a practical or viable solution.


Azithromycin in Coronary Artery Disease: Elimination of Myocardial Infection with Chlamydia pneumonia. A clinical trial that asked whether Chlamydia pneumoniae infection was an additional risk factor for atherosclerosis in patients with coronary artery disease—i.e., do antibiotics reduce ischaemic events?
Conclusion No


Cardiology A clinical trial–Azithromycin in Coronary Artery Disease: Elimination of Myocardial Infection with Chlamydia

Patient discussion about academic

Q. I am worried about his academics…Can he learn in the same way like other children of his age? Hi, this is Olivia, My only son aged 11 is diagnosed as ADHD. He has tough time and is attention deficient. I am worried about his academics…Can he learn in the same way like other children of his age?

A. Hi Olivia, normally for parents and teachers it is hard to deal with ADHD children. Learning is going to be touch but possible with the help of specialist instructors. While some of them turn out to be average few of them really turn out to be rewarding students. Students with disabilities, of any kind, are a challenge to teachers. One of the students at a school that I've taught was diagnosed with ADHD several years ago. He's eight years old, and has been on medication for the last three years. Getting him to focus was, for his instructor, like pulling teeth.

Q. Need help for my son, 7 years.I am worried that his academic performance shouldn’t get affected. Need help for my son, 7 years. He doesn’t take his food in time. He likes milk a lot; say 3-4 glasses, especially in chocolate milk forms. He enjoys good health but he is thin and suffers from constipation. I am worried that his academic performance shouldn’t get affected.

A. Milk is good for kids. But consumption of abnormal volume could cause constipation. Consumption of more milk reduces the water intake which in turn paves the way for constipation. He needs to have balanced diet containing fats and carbohydrates to ensure weight gain. Make sure that he takes more of fruits and vegetables in his diet. Juice will provide with other nutrients like minerals as well give the required water content, which would reduce the constipation. Try this and if there be problem, consult your physician.

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Opened Spring 2004 in Parma, Italy, Academia Barilla is a world premier center dedicated to preserving, developing and promoting Italian gastronomy throughout the world.
We are extremely pleased to have the opportunity to sign an academia-industry cooperation agreement with National Cheng Kung University and National University of Kaohsiung to jointly promote the Industry and Academia Corporation Program.
Since the show's launch, Azteca America viewers have cast almost 800,000 votes in the nine concerts in this generation, plus all of the La Academia USA, which ran earlier this year.
This includes product and services companies, government, academia, venture capitalists and industry bodies.
Experts from business, government, and academia will share and discuss the latest SELinux application experience, research and development results, and product plans.
academia to jointly propose the fit-for-purpose policy for transformation of invention into innovation (products and production processes).
Speaking on the occasion, SCCI President Fazal Jillani stressed the need for promoting stronger relationship between the export industry of Sialkot and the academia, saying that higher education institutions including engineering and business management universities
Jehangir Bashar, Rector GIKI said that the academia was proud of their contributions made to the country's progress and prosperity.
There are several global studies that have shown the success of Academia and Industry collaboration, and the mutual benefits that can be reaped by all parties involved.
Technical Presentations by Multiple Academia and Industry Leaders to Run in Parallel with Career Fair on December 6 at the Computer History Museum
Development of open land in the Windhoek commons is picking up speed fast with two major projects on the cards for Pionierspark and Academia.