abutment screw

a·but·ment screw

(ă-bŭtmĕnt skrū)
A screw that fits into a dental implant.
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Abutment screw loosening was a common complication encountered during the recall.
Screw loosening Attachment wear Component fracture Attachment fracture Implant body fracture Denture tooth fracture Acrylic veneer/porcelain Acrylic base fracture fracture Opposing prosthesis fracture Framework fracture Esthetic complications * Improper fit of the abutments and the fixture can create constant tension and lead to abutment screw loosening or fracture.
The abutment was fixed on the implant body using the abutment screw at tightening torques of 30 NCm.
Perel, "Implant prosthodontic update: the UCLA abutment screw retention," Dental Implantology, vol.
This procedure shifts the stress concentration away from the bone-implant interface, but these forces are subsequently increased in the abutment or the abutment screw [27].
The technical problems of implant-based restoration components including abutment screw fracture and periimplantitis are deeply related to dental implant system failure, and an increase in related complications are also being reported [3-5].
effect of LAteRAL cycLic LoAdinG on Abutment scRew LooseninG of An exteRnAL HexAGon imPLAnt system.
Influence of lateral oblique cyclic loading on abutment screw loosening of internal and external hexagon implants, Dent Mater J 28(4): 373-381.
With these last elements in plain sight, I call to your attention to two very small set screws (#32) in the trigger body and the abutment screw (#27).
Screw loosening can be caused by inadequate tightening torque, excess mechanical loads, inconsistencies in the material and design of the abutment screw, vibration during functional loading, temperature changes in the oral cavity, and misplacement of the implant [2, 6,10].
The increased mean value may be due to the cement layer interface and to the modulus of elasticity of the abutment screw.
The direction and position of the screw attaching the implant mount to the implant represents the future position of the abutment screw. (3)