abutment screw

a·but·ment screw

(ă-bŭtmĕnt skrū)
A screw that fits into a dental implant.
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RetRievAL of A fRActuRed Abutment scRew tHReAd fRom An imPLAnt: A cAse RePoRt.
effect of LAteRAL cycLic LoAdinG on Abutment scRew LooseninG of An exteRnAL HexAGon imPLAnt system.
The magnitude direction and duration of load employed on the restoration-implant apparatus plays a pivotal role in the dissipation of forces from the restoration abutment screw fixture unit into the surrounding bone.
Influence of lateral oblique cyclic loading on abutment screw loosening of internal and external hexagon implants, Dent Mater J 28(4): 373-381.
In a literature review by Goodacre et al, abutment screw loosening was reported to range between 2% to 45 %.
With these last elements in plain sight, I call to your attention to two very small set screws (#32) in the trigger body and the abutment screw (#27).
As with every Atlantis abutment, an abutment screw specifically designed for the abutment and the implant to which it will be connected is included.
The increased mean value may be due to the cement layer interface and to the modulus of elasticity of the abutment screw.
0mm sizes, the Tapered Screw-Vent Implant's proprietary, friction-fit, internal hex platform reduces stress on crestal bone and resists abutment screw loosening.
The Atlantis Abutment is delivered with an Atlantis HT(TM) (High Torque) Titanium Abutment Screw compatible with the Straumann driver.
an innovator in the dental implant market, today announced the company continues to reduce costs for dentists, surgical specialists and labs by providing an Atlantis HT(TM) (High Torque) Titanium Abutment Screw with every Atlantis Abutment.
Cotton was placed over the abutment screws and sealed with Fermit-N (Vivadent, Schaan, Liechtenstein).