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The average number of types of macromolecules (for example, mRNAs) per cell.
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It was filled with friandises, with luscious and toothsome bits--the finest of fruits, pates, a rare bottle or two, delicious syrups, and bonbons in abundance.
This stately tree, which is rarely met with upon the Sandwich Islands, and then only of a very inferior quality, and at Tahiti does not abound to a degree that renders its fruit the principal article of food, attains its greatest excellence in the genial climate of the Marquesan group, where it grows to an enormous magnitude, and flourishes in the utmost abundance.
It was a hunter's paradise; the buffaloes were in such abundance that they were enabled to kill as many as they pleased, and to jerk a sufficient supply of meat for several days' journeying.
The Nez Perces and Flathead sages upon this held a council of war of two days' duration, in which there was abundance of hard smoking and long talking, and both eloquence and tobacco were nearly exhausted.
Some, it is true, who were entirely unhorsed, set out on a begging visit to their cousins, as they called them, the Lower Nez Perces, who inhabit the lower country about the Columbia, and possess horses in abundance. To these they repair when in difficulty, and seldom fail, by dint of begging and bartering, to get themselves once more mounted on horseback.
I saw here abundance of cocoa trees, orange, and lemon, and citron trees; but all wild, and very few bearing any fruit, at least not then.
The next day, being the nineteenth, I went back, having made me two small bags to bring home my harvest; but I was surprised, when coming to my heap of grapes, which were so rich and fine when I gathered them, to find them all spread about, trod to pieces, and dragged about, some here, some there, and abundance eaten and devoured.
Besides, I wanted her assistance to supply me with several necessaries, which before I was shy of letting anybody see me have, that it might not be public; but now I had a cabin and room to set things in, I ordered abundance of good things for our comfort in the voyage, as brandy, sugar, lemons, etc., to make punch, and treat our benefactor, the captain; and abundance of things for eating and drinking in the voyage; also a larger bed, and bedding proportioned to it; so that, in a word, we resolved to want for nothing in the voyage.
"There is no knight-errant that is not," said Don Quixote; "but let us listen to him, for, if he sings, by that thread we shall extract the ball of his thoughts; because out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh."
The researchers found that based on six-month post-flood monitoring, Escherichia coli levels were elevated in bayou water samples compared with historical levels, as were relative abundances of key indicator genes of anthropogenic sources of antibiotic resistance.
Multi-year changes in abundance.--N-mixture models (Royle, 2004) were used to estimate site-level abundances at our three sentinel sites, which we implemented in the 'unmarked' (Fiske and Chandler, 2011) and 'AICcmodavg' (Mazerolle, 2016) packages in program R (R Developmental Core Team, 2017).
Abundances of small (L1 + L2), medium (L3 + L4), and large (L5) melonworm larvae were significantly affected by crop season ([F.sub.3,2,292] = 354.75; P< 0.001), larval sizes ([F.sub.2,22,92]= 512.70; P< 0.001), and interaction of crop seasons and larval sizes ([F.sub.6,2,292]= 96.39; P< 0.001).