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The average number of types of macromolecules (for example, mRNAs) per cell.
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Some, it is true, who were entirely unhorsed, set out on a begging visit to their cousins, as they called them, the Lower Nez Perces, who inhabit the lower country about the Columbia, and possess horses in abundance.
Perhaps the blood which he lost might have cooled his anger: for the enemy had not only applied her nails to his cheeks, but likewise her fist to his nostrils, which lamented the blow with tears of blood in great abundance.
I saw here abundance of cocoa trees, orange, and lemon, and citron trees; but all wild, and very few bearing any fruit, at least not then.
The next day, being the nineteenth, I went back, having made me two small bags to bring home my harvest; but I was surprised, when coming to my heap of grapes, which were so rich and fine when I gathered them, to find them all spread about, trod to pieces, and dragged about, some here, some there, and abundance eaten and devoured.
Besides, I wanted her assistance to supply me with several necessaries, which before I was shy of letting anybody see me have, that it might not be public; but now I had a cabin and room to set things in, I ordered abundance of good things for our comfort in the voyage, as brandy, sugar, lemons, etc.
Indeed, this fellow showed abundance of ingenuity in several things which he had no knowledge of: he made him a forge, with a pair of wooden bellows to blow the fire; he made himself charcoal for his work; and he formed out of the iron crows a middling good anvil to hammer upon: in this manner he made many things, but especially hooks, staples, and spikes, bolts and hinges.
Abundance means living your ideal life, one that is personally, professionally and financially fulfilling.
Collaborating with Partners In Health & Harvard Medical School's Global Health Research Core, the Abundance Project for Global Health supported research published in The Lancet that demonstrated the accuracy of a simple, rapid, bedside Ebola test that saves lives.
Visit the 21 sites in the "Land of Abundance on the Journey of Fantasy"
Tenders are invited for Cormorant abundance of regulatory measures for the implementation of the five colonies performance
Measuring the abundance of a species is a very important initial step in investigating the ecology of populations and communities (Begon et al.
We recovered 334 eyeworms from 28 of 29 adult bobwhites (97%); infections ranged from 1 to 40 worms and mean [+ or -] SD abundance of 11.