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a measure of the amount of light absorbed by a solution.
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ab·sorp·tiv·i·ty (a),

3. The ability of a material to absorb electromagnetic radiation.
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mo·lar ab·sorp·tion co·ef·fic·ient

(ε) (mō'lăr ab-sōrp'shŭn kō-ĕ-fish'ĕnt)
Absorbance (of light) per unit path length (usually the centimeter) and per unit of concentration (moles per liter); a fundamental unit in spectrophotometry.
Synonym(s): absorbancy index (2) , absorptivity (2) .

spe·cif·ic ab·sorp·tion co·ef·fi·cient

(a) (spĕ-sif'ik ăb-sōrp'shŭn kō'ĕ-fish'ĕnt)
Absorbance (of light) per unit path length (usually the centimeter) and per unit of mass concentration.
Compare: molar absorption coefficient
Synonym(s): absorbancy index (1) , absorptivity (1) , extinction coefficient, specific extinction.
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When considering a medium with a vanishingly small absorptivity, he allowed for their use as blackbodies by invoking infinite thickness [14, [section]10].
[[epsilon].sub.a](E, [theta], [phi]) is the absorptivity of the absorber, and [[epsilon].sub.e](E, [theta], [phi]) is the emissivity of the emitter.
The proposed absorber exhibits an absorption peak at 442 MHz with 99.73% absorptivity. We elaborated on the design principles and processes.
In the analysis, the absorptivity and albedo values of the lunar surface and the latitude were set to 0.87, 0.13, and 20[degrees], respectively, to simulate the thermal environment of Apollo 17 landing area.
The molar absorptivity and the integrated molar absorptivity in the applied integration ranges of the corresponding main and characteristic absorption bands, both separated and integral, in all the IR and UV/VIS spectra of the chromatographically purified [C.sub.76]-[D.sub.2] samples from this research [2, 3, 38-44] are in excellent agreement.
The absorptivity coefficient, [epsilon], is a constant that is essential to the solute itself and is measure of a degree to which particles in the solute absorb light at a particular wavelength.
Methylene blue absorption is also an indicator for absorptivity and water absorption [3].
Let [[rho].sub.1v] [member of] [0,1] be a spectral hemispherical reflectivity of the boundary [S.sub.1]; [[epsilon].sub.1v] [member of] [0,1] is its spectral hemispherical absorptivity. Then [[rho].sub.1v] and [[epsilon].sub.1v](1 - [[rho].sub.1v]) are the fraction of radiation scattered back and absorbed by the boundary [S.sub.1], whereas the part of transmitted radiation will be equal to [[tau].sub.1v] [equivalent to] 1 - [[rho].sub.1v] - [[epsilon].sub.1v](1 - [[rho].sub.1v]) = (1 - [[epsilon].sub.1v])(1 - [[rho].sub.1v]).
where, s is absorptivity, c is concentration of absorbing species, b is path length or the thickness of thin film; the rearrangement of eq.
The Komar-Tolmachev method [28] also allows to calculate the true molar absorptivity of the complex: e= (3.5-3.9)A-104L mol-1 cm-1.
Plans for future projects include expanding the capabilities of the lab's direct laser deposition equipment to enhance metallic absorptivity. The lab will also continue to work with domestic-based, low-cost titanium powder suppliers for open-source materials in the supply chain.
The main part of solar thermal heaters is the absorber surface which must have a maximum absorptivity ([alpha) and minimum emissivity ([epsilon]) of solar radiation.