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a measure of the amount of light absorbed by a solution.

ab·sorp·tiv·i·ty (a),

3. The ability of a material to absorb electromagnetic radiation.


/ab·sorp·tiv·i·ty/ (ab″sorp-tiv´ĭ-te) a measure of the amount of light absorbed by a solution.


absorbance at a particular wavelength divided by the product of the concentration of a substance and the sample path length.

mo·lar ab·sorp·tion co·ef·fic·ient

(ε) (mō'lăr ab-sōrp'shŭn kō-ĕ-fish'ĕnt)
Absorbance (of light) per unit path length (usually the centimeter) and per unit of concentration (moles per liter); a fundamental unit in spectrophotometry.
Synonym(s): absorbancy index (2) , absorptivity (2) .

spe·cif·ic ab·sorp·tion co·ef·fi·cient

(a) (spĕ-sif'ik ăb-sōrp'shŭn kō'ĕ-fish'ĕnt)
Absorbance (of light) per unit path length (usually the centimeter) and per unit of mass concentration.
Compare: molar absorption coefficient
Synonym(s): absorbancy index (1) , absorptivity (1) , extinction coefficient, specific extinction.
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While they are inks and have a high absorptivity, the physically thinner film will exhibit less overall absorption than heavier screen inks.
We developed a conceptual framework for interpreting fluorescence radiance measurements and introduced the notion of fluorescence yield which is the measure fluorescence radiance divided by the molecular absorptivity.
In this respect, it is possible to invoke Stewart's law of thermal emission [16] which states that, under conditions of thermal equilibrium, the emissivity and absorptivity are equal
The structures of EPDM and PEMI V with the highest oil absorptivity were indicated by IR spectra, as shown in Fig.
Here, absorptivity, [alpha], corresponds to the absorbed part of the incoming radiation/total incoming radiation.
DCIP has a molar absorptivity that is ~3 times higher than that of NADH: the molar absorptivity at 600 nm of DCIP is 19.
4605 that fitted to the slope of a straight line was used as the molar absorptivity coefficient for the calculations (12), (13).
The activity was expressed as U/L based on the molar absorptivity (18 290) of p-nitrophenol at 405 nm, at pH 10.
Even though a layer may be spectrally selective it is safe to assume all temperatures in the system span a small enough range that Kirchoff s Law applies and so total emissivity and total absorptivity can be equated in the longwave band; [[alpha].
In the design of microwave absorbing materials, absorptivity, weight, thickness, mechanical strength, and environmental resistance are the main elements that have to be taken primarily into account.
Hemoglobin concentrations in 24 consecutive samples were determined from the net absorbance of the oxyhemoglobin peak at 578 min and a molar hemoglobin absorptivity of 44 000 [mol.