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Overlap (>30%) of the fluorescence emission spectrum of the donor with the absorption spectrum of the acceptor.
An example CO absorption spectrum, which was recorded during a series of experiments, is presented in Fig.
For more layers, the efficiency does not increase appreciably due to the saturation of the absorption spectrum.
One had the same absorption spectrum of trans-[beta]-carotene standard and was identified as [beta]-cryptoxanthin.
The resolution of the absorption spectrum is about 20 times finer than FTIR spectroscopy.
All biological systems have a unique absorption spectrum.
If Beer's law is obeyed for all the compounds over the whole wavelength range used and the path-length is 1cm, the absorption spectrum of the mixture is defined by the equation:
s] and the structure is a mirror image of the absorption spectrum shown in Fig.
The important factor is that the wavelengths of infra-red radiant energy that are produced match the absorption spectrum of the majority of materials used in industry today so that these materials will absorb the emitted infra-red energy ultimately leading to the required process curing of the plant.
The result would be a yellow tint from the additive's absorption spectrum.
Addition of the cationic surfactant CTAB resulted in a 6-fold increase in polymer fluorescence intensity and a narrowed, blue-shifted polymer absorption spectrum, suggesting that interaction with surfactant helped to break up polymer aggregates.