lymph vessels

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lymph ves·sels

the vessels that convey the lymph; they anastomose freely with each other.

lymph ves·sels

(limf ves'ĕlz) [TA]
These vessels form a network of thin-walled vessels that have many lymphatic valves; the vessels convey lymph nearly bodywide and anastomose freely with each other.
Synonym(s): vasa lymphatica, lymphatic vessels.

Lymph vessels

Part of the lymphatic system, these vessels connect lymph capillaries with the lymph nodes; they carry lymph, a thin, watery fluid resembling blood plasma and containing white blood cells.
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Patient discussion about lymph vessels

Q. I have all but one of the symptoms on the list of symptoms for lymphatic cancer. Could this be it? My dad coincediencely has the same but one symptoms makes no sense?

A. Here's a video I found about lymphoma that can give more information about the subject matter.

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