absorbent gauze

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a light, open-meshed fabric of muslin or similar material used in bandages, dressings, and surgical sponges.
absorbent gauze white cotton cloth of various thread counts and weights, supplied in various lengths and widths and in different forms (rolls or folds).
petrolatum gauze sterile absorbent gauze saturated with white petrolatum; used as a non-adherent protective covering for wounds.
zinc gelatin impregnated gauze absorbent gauze impregnated with zinc gelatin for use as a skin protectant.

ab·sor·bent gauze

(ăb-sōr'bĕnt gawz)
White cotton cloth in folds or rolls used for surgical or wound dressings.
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6 of plaster bandage absorbent gauze 2.7 / 15 2000 pcs.
Consumption goods include hydrocoloid, hydrogel gelfiberbandage, film, foam dressings, super absorbent bandage, absorbent patch, Post-op dressing, absorbent gauze, eye compress, non-woven gauze, alginates, cohesive bandage, fixation tape, fikseringsnet, ideal volume, gypsum binder, finger brace, wrist bandage, arm sling, neck collar, finger splint with padding short tensile adhesion, long pull tie, zinklimbind, kraftlig elastic tubular bandage polstervat for compression, crepebind, urine bags, periferevenekatetre, suturtape, sutures, tissue adhesives, zinc ointment, disinfectant solution, Covers, urinary catheters, disposable and balloon catheters, katerisationssE*t, treat stocking .