absolute viscosity

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ab·so·lute vis·cos·i·ty

force per unit area applied tangentially to a fluid, causing unit rate of displacement of parallel planes separated by a unit distance; units of measure in the centimeter-gram-second (or CGS) system are termed poises.
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506 Table 8: The Heat of Combustion (KJ/kg) and the Absolute viscosity Inn Heat of Combustion = 47, 465--[4.
Frisch and Simha (48) then suggested that macromolecules could be characterized using thermal data arising from the variation in the absolute viscosity of polymer solutions using good and poor solvents.
Spence and Crawford (4) reported an absolute viscosity of [mu]' = 5,000 Pa * s for LDPE (DuPont 8107) at 140[degrees]C.
With the DMA, users can determine flow, absolute viscosity, gel point, and vitrification.
where P is the applied pressure, D is the sprue diameter, L) is the sprue length and [Eta] is the absolute viscosity of the rubber compound used, corrected both for shear rate and temperature.
Therefore, the effects of polydispersity and LCB on the shape of the complex viscosity curve as well as on the Newtonian viscosity are similar, It can also be concluded that these effects are the same on the absolute viscosity curve in view of the validity of the Cox-Merz rule.