absolute viscosity

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ab·so·lute vis·cos·i·ty

force per unit area applied tangentially to a fluid, causing unit rate of displacement of parallel planes separated by a unit distance; units of measure in the centimeter-gram-second (or CGS) system are termed poises.
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Figure 9b compares the complex viscosity (from dynamic parallel-plate experiments) with the absolute viscosity determined using the sliding plate and capillary rheometers for representative polymers of Series 2 (various molecular weights).
The absolute viscosity for Schiff bases and Resins improved with the escalation in concentration and decline with increase in temperature.
Similarly empirical relations were established between temperature and absolute viscosity for lubricants derived from seed oils [10].
The UHMWPO has a weight-average molecular weight of 3,500,000 to 10,500,000 g/mol and an absolute viscosity of 5 to 45 dL/g.
For liquids, it corresponds to the informal concept of thickness [4],also viscosity known as kinematic viscosity, absolute viscosity or simple viscosity and defined mathematically as the ratio of the shearing stress to the velocity gradient in a fluid [5], due to Newton's equation for fluids, which similar to Newton's second law of motion [6] as follows:
[C.sub.1] presents the absolute viscosity while [C.sub.2], [C.sub.3], and [C.sub.4] are fitting parameters.