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2014), we expect that consumers will find both the percentage and the absolute unit formats for reduced sodium claims difficult to interpret and utilize.
When the standard wires, carefully coiled and molded into paraffin, were ready, the introduction of the absolute unit system with the ohm and the farad appeared to be guaranteed by this truly scientific endeavor, just as happened earlier with the meter and the kilogram in the case of the metric system.
a) Total LST hourly continental (solid) and oceanic (dashed) flash counts in absolute units, (b) As in (a), but in relative units (%).
Inbreeding depression in absolute units was calculated by using cycle means from those environments where the trait of interest was measured on both the [S.
The rotor was a biconical type -- this allowed the results to be expressed in absolute units and so the data could be compared to those obtained on other instruments such as capillary rheometers.
Like Greider, the steelmakers tended to think in terms of absolute units of output, rather than profitability.
Hunkar used the term process quality control (PQC) to describe a manufacturing system that requires that no product can be passed along the chain unless all process parameters were maintained between upper and lower quality specification limits (USL/LSL), which are expressed in absolute units of measure.
Research contributions helped define the early international system of measurement units and bring about the transition to absolute units based on fundamental principles and physical and dimensional measurements.
Each variable can be plotted around its nominal value or in absolute units, and the sample rate is operator selectable.