absolute pressure

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ab·so·lute pres·sure

pressure measured with respect to zero pressure. Compare: gauge pressure.
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11) Accordingly, in Model F, a reduced refractory period was both expected and observed, and ultimately reflected faster re-solution time in response to increased local absolute pressure.
pu] is the absolute pressure of the gas in the air chamber upstream of the connecting pipe; [p.
The evaporation rates of water on the wood surface increase as absolute pressure decreases during the drying process (He et al.
Mass air-flow (MAF) and temperature and manifold absolute pressure (TMAP) sensors help reduce emissions and are located in the engine compartment or, more precisely, in the air intake system.
This was equipped with two opposing ultrasound sensors, a pressure sensor and a thermocouple to determine the absolute pressure pKM and the compound temperature [T.
User-selectable control modes allow users to switch quickly between mass flow, volumetric flow and absolute pressure measurement and control for maximum flexibility.
The absolute pressure will increase in the tank inversely with the decrease in gas volume according to Boyle's Law, [P.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 5, 2012-Omron announces new MEMS Absolute Pressure Sensor release in January 2013(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
Absolute pressure in the pressure cuff is increased by 4 mmHg sampling steps and measurement of the blood flow velocities is conducted fully automatically.
Also, such studies have not considered important engine parameters such as rpm, temperature and manifold absolute pressure which play a vital role in engine kinetics.
in], is absolute pressure of the filling compressed air and Pout is absolute muscle pressure, for deflation [P.
The volume behind the diaphragm is evacuated and glass sealed to provide an absolute pressure reference.