absolute oils

ab·so·lute oils

essential oils that are obtained by the removal of insoluble compounds from concrete oils.
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Concrete and absolute oils were 0.18% and 0.008% respectively, when extraction was carried out with supercritical fluid extraction whereas, solvent extraction gave 0.16% concrete and 0.0048% absolute oil and 0.09% concrete and 0.002% absolute oil was produced from steam distillation.
The oil was separated by changing the CO2 phase and absolute oil was collected in a flask.
The absolute oil percentage was calculated by using formula;
Color of absolute oil was determined by spectrophotometric method (Paquot, 1986a).
Essential oil yield by different extraction methods: Results depicted that steam distillation yielded 0.09% concrete and 0.002% absolute oil on petals fresh weight basis (Table 2).
Made with pure rosehip and rose absolute oils. pounds 35 from www.
5, the corresponding GDV graph demonstrates statistically significant differences between the Indian and Algerian Jasmine absolute oils with respect to the glow area.
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