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Size or extent.
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Classroom observations revealed that the students did not give reasonable estimates to many of the questions, indicating a general lack of a sense of the relative and absolute magnitude of numbers.
If price limits stabilize prices by providing a cooling off period or by reducing transactional risks, then the imposition of limits should bring a decrease in the absolute magnitude of [[phi].
We suggest that the absolute magnitude of change and relative magnitude of change are two central facets of these phenomena.
Many stars visible to the naked eye have an absolute magnitude that would cast nighttime shadows from a distance of 10 parsecs.
Signal distortion in turn is a function of the "slope" of the attenuation curve, not the absolute magnitude of the attenuation at a given frequency as noted in Bogatin's article.
The potential error in growth estimates will then be directly proportional to both the relative and absolute magnitude of shrinkage.
Number sense involves the ability to recognize the relative and absolute magnitude of numbers (Sowder 1992).
Bearing the burden While smaller in absolute magnitude than the costs associated with environmental, economic, and tax compliance regulations, workplace regulations nevertheless represent a significant burden on all Americans.
Whilst the absolute magnitude of the economic impact seems large, it is 2percent of the regional turnover and less than 1percent of total regional employment.
If it is assumed that interstellar extinction is negligible then the surface brightness and absolute magnitude of NGC 6210 can be determined.
However, although an order of magnitude lower in absolute magnitude of warp deformation and stress, CuW structures exhibited significant changes in warp deformation (36 to 50 percent) for both base-flange thickness and assembly brazing/process temperature.