absolute concentration

absolute concentration,

n a state of mind held by a practitioner of Tibetan medicine during a session with a patient. As a result of continual instruction and training, the practitioner can focus on the patient with-out being distracted by thoughts of anticipated future or past occurrences. Working in this frame of mind allows the practitioner to gain the patient's confidence, which is of principal significance to the practitioner.
References in classic literature ?
How often must I urge you to seek that absolute concentration of your mental faculties which alone may permit you to bring to bear the highest powers of intellectuality upon the momentous problems which naturally fall to the lot of great minds?
So I return to seat 26, sitting on the back row, between two young couples, all of whom think I am a creep and/or idiot, watching a film that does not require absolute concentration at all times.
Lower is better; adverse health effects are associated with incremental increases over background, rather than with an absolute concentration.
Tasks you take on will demand absolute concentration.
THE absolute concentration of the Rumanian governing body impressed Carwyn, but if he took anything away with him, it was the principle of skill transference from one ball game to another, and that was all.
Classic cars require absolute concentration on the road
The absolute concentration was then calculated for each of the equally-sized grid cells that cover the sea areas.
MARD scores are calculated on the basis of the mean percentage difference of the absolute concentration measured by the evaluated glucose sensor from a reference glucose concentration.
If passengers need to steady their nerves while the airplane descends, surrounded by mountains on either side, then the pilots too must maintain absolute concentration and possess nerves of steel while steering the airplane to safety.
So, too, his particular genius required absolute concentration - so absolute that everything and everyone around him usually vanished.
The result was astonishing: the sperm tail only reacted to the time derivative of the calcium concentration and the absolute concentration was of little relevance.