absolute concentration

absolute concentration,

n a state of mind held by a practitioner of Tibetan medicine during a session with a patient. As a result of continual instruction and training, the practitioner can focus on the patient with-out being distracted by thoughts of anticipated future or past occurrences. Working in this frame of mind allows the practitioner to gain the patient's confidence, which is of principal significance to the practitioner.
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How often must I urge you to seek that absolute concentration of your mental faculties which alone may permit you to bring to bear the highest powers of intellectuality upon the momentous problems which naturally fall to the lot of great minds?
In addition, an absolute concentration change of [greater than or equal to]5 ng/L between baseline and the highest consecutive value was required to diagnose AMI.
With respect to prognosis, measuring with an hs-cTnI assay and assessing change in a larger chest pain population (cohort n = 223) revealed that [delta] expressed as either an absolute concentration or a percentage difference was useful for predicting death and/or MI at 1 year (4).
Another important point is that the sequencing-based approach measures the donor-derived DNA as a fraction of the total plasma DNA (6), whereas a PCR-based approach can measure an absolute concentration of donor-derived DNA in plasma (4, 5).
With this technique, I was able to document that fetal DNA was detectable in maternal serum from the seventh week of gestation, with the absolute concentration of fetal DNA increasing as the gestational age progressed.
The 2 studies neither reported [delta] in terms of absolute concentration nor defined its role in long-term risk stratification.
In the absence of an accurate gold standard to calculate the correction factor, it may be more appropriate to express the FLC results in an arbitrary way, such as Freelite[TM] units per liter rather than absolute concentration units (i.
001) in the absolute concentration was observed, with iPTH-c approximately30% higher than iPTH-p.
Methods based on the preincubation of plasma samples with tritiated T measure the percentage of BT, which can then be multiplied by the total concentration of T to calculate the absolute concentration of BT (13, 14).
Because of the used flow rate of 1 [micro]L/min, the concentration in the dialysate reaches only partial equilibration and thus does not reflect the absolute concentration in the extracellular fluid.
We used Dunnet's multiple comparison to compare the absolute concentration or integrity of serum DNA with clinicopathologic characteristics and used ROC curve analysis to assess the discriminating ability of assessments.
THE absolute concentration of the Rumanian governing body impressed Carwyn, but if he took anything away with him, it was the principle of skill transference from one ball game to another, and that was all.