absolute agraphia

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ab·so·lute a·graph·i·a

agraphia in which not even unconnected letters can be written.
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(a?graf'e-a) [ ¹an- + -graph + -ia]
Loss of the ability to write. agraphic (a?graf'ik), adjective. See: aphasia, motor

absolute agraphia

Complete inability to write.

acoustic agraphia

Inability to write words that are heard.

amnemonic agraphia

Inability to write sentences although letters or words can be written.

cerebral agraphia

Inability to express thoughts in writing.

motor agraphia

Inability to write due to muscular incoordination.

optic agraphia

Inability to copy words.

verbal agraphia

Inability to write words although letters can be written.
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