absent without leave

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absent without leave (AWOL)

Etymology: L, absentia
a term used to describe a patient who departs from a psychiatric facility without authorization or from a medical facility against medical advice.
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Lieutenant Commander Hugh Anderson, prosecuting, said McKenna went absent without leave when he was posted to HMS Fearless, the first time in November last year but he failed to turn up when the ship sailed.
BLACKPOOL manager Lee Clark has sent out a plea for help in finding Nile Ranger after revealing the striker has been absent without leave from the club for a fortnight.
The number of Army, Navy and Air Force servicemen and women currently absent without leave stands at 760.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Syrian President Bashar al-Assad sacked his vice premier for being absent without leave and carrying out unauthorized meetings abroad.
Summary: Syrian President Bashar Assad Tuesday sacked his vice prime minister for being absent without leave and holding unauthorized meetings abroad, the official SANA news agency said.
JOSLAIN MAYEBI has been posted absent without leave by Wrexham manager Andy Morrell after the goalkeeper failed to turn up for last Saturday's FA Cup match with Hyde FC.
An insider told the publication that the collective forces are going through files to double check if any SAS soldier or reservist went absent without leave or ran amok.
Absent without leave is the No1 offence in military courts with 407 cases.
He worked in logistics and deliber-ately got himself a driving conviction to try to avoid going back and went absent without leave.
He's also served a period in detention for a military offence of going absent without leave in 2009.
Where people are absent without leave we will take a hard line in order to be fair to those who have to pick up the slack.
The court also heard he was absent without leave from the Army.