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d) Obtained if bleeding, abruptio placentae, or microangiopathic hemolytic anemia.
The most common condition among OH patients was abruptio placentae (n=271, 60.
Grade II: Intermediate--The classical signs of Abruptio placentae are present, but foetus is still alive.
In a hospital based study of abruptio placentae in Burkina Faso, Theiba et al (2003) (8) reported maternal mortality rate of 3.
Pulmonary oedema was observed in 2 (5%) women, acute renal failure in 10(25%), DIC in 6(15%), and abruptio placenta in 5(12.
Mujeres en tercer y cuarto periodos del parto (alumbramiento y puerperio inmediato) con choque hipovolemico de cualquier grado por placenta previa o abruptio placentae, que durante el parto o el alumbramiento presenten hemorragia obstetrica que cause choque hipovolemico de cualquier grado, o mujeres hasta los 42 dias posparto que presenten hemorragia de causa obstetrica que cause choque hipovolemico de cualquier grado.
We emphasize the surprising lack of negative predictive value of a sFlt1 concentration within reference values in pregnancies complicated by abruptio placenta.
5 Abruptio placenta 24 Insuficiencia uteroplacentaria 9 Circular de cordon 8 Prolapso de cordon 4 Anhidramnios 3 Otros 9 4.
11] Changes consistent with abruptio placenta were defined as retroplacental hematoma with intraplacental extension.
The well-documented effects of maternal smoking include decreased birth weight, increased rates of spontaneous abortions, abruptio placentae (sudden separation of the placenta from the uterine lining), placentia previa (a placenta that blocks the opening to the cervix), and premature deliveries.
Prematurity, pregnancy-induced hypertension and abruptio placentae were observed to be the most common aetiological factors associated with stillbirth, hence better obstetrical care can help in reduction of stillbirth rate.