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1. To show strong emotion while reliving a traumatic experience.
2. To discharge or release repressed emotion.


tr.v. abre·acted, abre·acting, abre·acts
To release (repressed emotions) by acting out, as in words, behavior, or the imagination, the situation causing the conflict.

ab′re·ac′tion n.


the expression of repressed feelings by revisiting the situation in a way that relieves anxiety. See abreaction.


(ab?re-ak'shon) [ ab- + reaction]
In psychoanalysis, the release of emotion by consciously recalling or acting out a painful experience that had been forgotten or repressed. The painful or consciously intolerable experience may become bearable as a result of the insight gained during this process.
See: catharsis (2) abreact (-akt')
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Thus, if Emma insists that the journey to La Vaubyessard "had opened a yawning fissure in her life," this declaration must be understood as a phantomic fiction in Abraham and Torok's sense: It objectifies another gap, which, however, can be designated but not abreacted, referring to the desire for self-expenditure at the heart of her elusive malaise, even while any original scene is a belated reconstruction.