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In this study, formation drillability, formation abrasiveness, bit size, and bit type are nonnumeric.
New test methodology for estimating the abrasiveness of soils for TBM tunneling; In Proc.
Abrasiveness analysis values (Table 4) are within the range 233-367 mg, the lowest values 233 and 310 mg corresponding to clay raw materials VNR1 and VNR2, respectively, these values being justified by their higher clay fraction contents.
Analysis of dentifrice abrasiveness. Abrasiveness assays were performed using an automated toothbrushing machine [Kielbassa et al., 2005].
Originally conceived by Kremer and drummer Matt Marlin while at Oberlin College some five or six years ago, early Pterodactyl recordings bear a screechy abrasiveness befitting their winged lizard moniker.
Made from monofilament expanded PTFE fibers, the product offers less abrasiveness than other materials, is chemically inert and offers low flammability.
* A Qualitative Evaluation of the Abrasiveness of Selected Prophylaxis Pastes When Used on Enamel, A Hybrid Composite and Porcelain Using a Non Contact Profilometer and Glossmeter
As to home recipes for dishwashing, some hardcore homesteaders recommend trying an equal mix of borax and baking soda, but this is probably best used only in a pinch as the abrasiveness of such a mixture can scratch glassware over time.
It is gentle enough to use every day, is effective even in the tiniest fissures of enamel for whitening and has very low abrasiveness, she says.
No matter what style of truck or size of container it is hauling, that container will need to be sturdy to stand up to the weight, abrasiveness and sharpness of scrap metal.
Sprinturf has introduced FlexSand, a special sand that is coated with a thin layer of rubber and also eliminates abrasiveness.