abrasive system

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a·bra·sive sys·tem

(ă-brā'siv sis'tĕm)
Substances with cleaning and polishing properties used to formulate a dentifrice; must be compatible with other ingredients and must not alter tooth structure unfavorably.
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In the second half of the year, we are optimistic to see sales increase, particularly with key programmes being initiated in line with our abrasive systems business," Brunet observed.
According to Nick Orf, 3M Abrasive Systems Div., in his presentation, "Maximizing Pressure-Assisted Gate Removal Operations," the application of high pressures at a constant feed rate with a hydraulic or motorized feed system allows fast material removal rates with the added benefits of increased belt life, cooler grinding temperatures and improved dimensional tolerance.
Advanced hot-runner systems include edge gate valve gate, abrasive systems and micro valve gates with pitches as small as 10 mm.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 1, 2019-Marco Group International closes acquisition of Manus Abrasive Systems Inc
Initially Nigel Denning, health & safety improvements facilitator from GKN Structures approached the Abrasive Systems Division of 3M to trial a selection of its products in order to complete a metal finishing process on a rear crossmember on a vehicle.
Finally, this close collaboration between PT / Critical Manufacturing and Indasa will contribute to increase its competitiveness and thus maintain a leading position in high performance flexible abrasive systems.