abrasive system

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a·bra·sive sys·tem

(ă-brā'siv sis'tĕm)
Substances with cleaning and polishing properties used to formulate a dentifrice; must be compatible with other ingredients and must not alter tooth structure unfavorably.
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This technology is the most important change in abrasives in the last 20 years," said Dan Cunningham, Director Sales and Marketing, 3M Abrasive Systems.
Adding Winterthur enhances and extends our existing product line, enabling us to provide solutions for a broader range of industrial grinding and finishing needs," said Chris Holmes, vice president and general manager, 3M Abrasive Systems Division.
Abrasive Systems Division in High Point, NC,-was elected vice president.
Paxton had responsibility for Intermec, the Material Handling and Software Systems division including the Lamb Technicon and Grinding and Abrasive Systems divisions, and the Industrial Automation Systems division.
Describing a military decommissioning program that recently purchased one of his machines, he commented that his equipment is priced at a fraction of the cost of comparable entrained abrasive systems.
ABRASIVOS' well-known brand complements 3M's abrasives technologies and established brands," said Chris Holmes, division vice president, 3M Abrasive Systems Division.