abrasive discs

a·bra·sive discs

(ă-brā'siv disks)
Paper, metal, or plastic flat, circular pads covered with particles to grind or abrade.
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Leveraging on their sandpaper technology, 3M also created abrasive discs used for polishing and finishing.
Spaulding uses the NamPower abrasive discs on his CNC and manual milling equipment for light deburring as well as surface finishing of various types of metals and alloys.
Screw cut-in-half pie tins and heavy-duty paper plates to a shop wall and you've got space-saving storage for the sanding discs, circular saw blades and abrasive discs that like to hide in a drawer.
Unlike the previous COMBIDISC tools, the CONTOUR abrasive discs have an innovative scal-loped-edge pattern which allows for a perfect finish without fear of cutting in or gouging the metal.
Multi-step polishing abrasive discs, left channels on all materials regardless of composition.
It also manufactures civilian products a it makes diamond tools, abrasive discs and grinding wheels, gas cylinders, food industry equipment, and household appliances.
The company said in a press releases sent to a Corpus Christi newspaper the site includes offerings for sanding belts, abrasive discs, wheels, sanders, chippers, chisels, sand paper, sheets, PSA, superabrasives and other finishing, grinding and polishing products.
The task set by the 3M plant at Atherstone - which makes industrial and commercial abrasives - was to come up with an automated system for sorting abrasive discs when they come off the assembly line.
Abrasive discs can damage the finishes and edges of aluminum if used improperly, but the bristle discs handle the burrs and are much more forgiving.
Previously, the concept was used only on coated abrasive discs.