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As round wire abrades due to the aggregate flow over and through the screen cloth, the openings become larger and the wire diameter becomes smaller.
Organic coatings are resistant to most insults and stresses, but they can be damaged, including by wear that abrades the surface, scraping or scratching that breaks the surface, or compressive stress that causes indentation.
Rotary action abrades material to break apart and release slag, dross, and coke from recoverable metals.
A diamond blade "cuts" by grinding through the stone, concrete or other hard material, much the same way sandpaper abrades wood fibers.
A high-speed rotary instrument with an abrasive wheel or brush removes or abrades the upper layers of the skin and improves irregularities in the skin surface.
Massaged into the pet's coat, it abrades the waxy shell of fleas, ticks and mites, causing them to die from dehydration.
Problems in processing arise because strontium aluminate "is as hard as tungsten and abrades screws and barrels," Ampacet explains.
To better control flange face geometry and to reduce the possibility of thermal damage, the machine employs "kiss" grinding techniques, where a narrow-rimmed, large-diameter, cubic boron nitride wheel, running in either a water-soluble coolant or mineral oil, abrades the thrust flange face without necessitating secondary polishing.
another, and abrades the front surface to reduce its transparency.
The system uses a unique handpiece that projects corundum microcrystals with a controlled intensity, that abrades the skin and vacuums away the exfoliated cells.
After the "paint" has been allowed to dry, Spalletti abrades it in such a way that a fine layer of colored dust is produced, which he leaves resting on the surface.