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1. Loss or impairment of the ability to perform voluntary actions or to make decisions.
2. Reduction in speech, movement, thought, and emotional reaction; a common result of bilateral frontal lobe disease.
Synonym(s): aboulia
[G. a- priv. + boulē, will]


(ə-bo͞o′lē-ə, -byo͞o′-)
Variant of abulia.


See abulia.


, aboulia (ă-bū′lē-ă) [ a- + Gr. boulē, will + -ia]
1. Absence of or decreased ability to exercise willpower, or initiative, or to make decisions.
2. A syndrome marked by slow reaction, lack of spontaneity, and brief spoken responses. It may be part of the clinical picture that accompanies injuries to or diseases of the internal capsules, basal ganglia, or frontal lobes of the brain.