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incompletely developed.
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1. Not reaching completion; for example, said of an attack of a disease subsiding before it has fully developed or completed its course.
2. Synonym(s): rudimentary
3. Synonym(s): abortifacient (1)
[L. abortivus]
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1. Biology Partially or imperfectly developed: an abortive organ.
2. Causing or meant to cause abortion; abortifacient.

a·bor′tive·ly adv.
a·bor′tive·ness n.
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1. Not reaching completion; said of a disease subsiding before it has completed its course.
2. Synonym(s): rudimentary.
3. Synonym(s): abortifacient (1) .
[L. abortivus]
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Referring to treatment that relieves symptoms of a disorder.
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Not reaching completion.
[L. abortivus]
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Patient discussion about abortive

Q. What do you know about abortions? How safe is it, are there pills that you can take to avoid the process?

A. I don't want to start a fight or anything here. Please forgive me for saying this. Consider your life when you have aged to 55 plus. Children to help take care of you, family to be with. Holidays are very lonely without family. Your children may be the only ones who care for you. Life is so much more with family. I wish I had a baby to hold. They are all so precious. I will say no more.

Q. I had an abortion which was unexpected.. Could I be pregnant again? Hello, I got married in Aug 2008, when I was 3 weeks pregnant I had an abortion which was unexpected. This happened 2 months back. Now I am using my rest room more often and I am not convenient with the natural disposes. I don’t know if these symptoms are due to any sickness or due to pregnancy. I took a pregnancy test but it came out negative. Could I be pregnant again?

A. Usually symptoms of pregnancy can’t be noticed until 2 weeks. A pregnancy test will become positive only after 2 weeks even if you are pregnant. I am guessing that you are not pregnant now. Repeating the test in one week might be wise if the symptoms persist. I want to know whether you used some birth control meds. If so plz avoid it. Then it could be possible for your pregnancy again.


A. I would have a difficult time trying to keep on living if I had intentionally ended my child's life. It would haunt me all my days wondering what the child would have been like, thinking about where they ended up in the medical waste can somewhere. I could not go through with any of the procedures mentioned here. What if I were to start having dreams of the child calling out to me in the night? I would never be able to sleep soundly again. How could I face anyone in my family after having done something like this.

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"There are many people who are reluctant to take emergency contraception because they think it's abortive, but it's apples and oranges," she said.
Assuming an average price of pounds 750, the bill for abortive work on a million HIPs could top pounds 750m.
We have already indicated our willingness to compensate the complainants on receipt of evidence of the cost of any abortive works
Rebound is more likely in patients who have been treated only with an abortive agent, but any patient complaining of daily headaches should be investigated for the possibility of rebound headaches.
The first of these, the abortive 1822 Denmark Vesey Conspiracy, is somewhat anomalous in that free Blacks played a significant role in formulating a plot to liberate the slave population of Charleston and the surrounding countryside.
The first volume, entitled Die Abrechnung ("The Settlement [of Accounts]," or "Revenge"), was written in 1924 in the fortress of Landsberg am Lech, where Hitler was imprisoned after the abortive Beer Hall Putsch of 1923.
The bureau stated in a report last February that it relied on an April 1981 story in a publication called The Review of the News to justify its first (and first abortive) five-month investigation of CISPES.
During the police investigation, the defendant was arrested and all efforts made to arrest the remaining suspects proved abortive.
Tahir Amin, VC of Bahauddin Zakirya University Multan has made abortive attempt to commit suicide .
Adnan's elder brother-in-law Mansab, strangled Hina to death after she resisted his criminal assault bid on her on May 12," the police said, adding thatMansabs wife, Rukhsana, the elder sister of Adnan, facilitated the abortive criminal assault by coordinating with her husbandin committing the crime.
The party along with PTI had taken out a long march and staged a prolonged sit-in in Islamabad in an abortive bid 'to win justice for the victims'.
ISLAMABAD -- An 8-member Pakistan All Parties Parliamentary delegation led by Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed arrived in Ankara, Turkey on Wednesday to express solidarity with the Parliament of Turkey, in the aftermath of the abortive coup attempt of July 15.