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incompletely developed.


1. Not reaching completion; for example, said of an attack of a disease subsiding before it has fully developed or completed its course.
2. Synonym(s): rudimentary
3. Synonym(s): abortifacient (1)
[L. abortivus]


/abor·tive/ (ah-bor´tiv)
1. incompletely developed.
3. cutting short the course of a disease.


1. Biology Partially or imperfectly developed: an abortive organ.
2. Causing or meant to cause abortion; abortifacient.

a·bor′tive·ly adv.
a·bor′tive·ness n.


1. Not reaching completion; said of a disease subsiding before it has completed its course.
2. Synonym(s): rudimentary.
3. Synonym(s): abortifacient (1) .
[L. abortivus]


Referring to treatment that relieves symptoms of a disorder.
Mentioned in: Headache


Not reaching completion.
[L. abortivus]


1. incompletely developed.
2. abortifacient.

Patient discussion about abortive

Q. What do you know about abortions? How safe is it, are there pills that you can take to avoid the process?

A. I don't want to start a fight or anything here. Please forgive me for saying this. Consider your life when you have aged to 55 plus. Children to help take care of you, family to be with. Holidays are very lonely without family. Your children may be the only ones who care for you. Life is so much more with family. I wish I had a baby to hold. They are all so precious. I will say no more.

Q. I had an abortion which was unexpected.. Could I be pregnant again? Hello, I got married in Aug 2008, when I was 3 weeks pregnant I had an abortion which was unexpected. This happened 2 months back. Now I am using my rest room more often and I am not convenient with the natural disposes. I don’t know if these symptoms are due to any sickness or due to pregnancy. I took a pregnancy test but it came out negative. Could I be pregnant again?

A. Usually symptoms of pregnancy can’t be noticed until 2 weeks. A pregnancy test will become positive only after 2 weeks even if you are pregnant. I am guessing that you are not pregnant now. Repeating the test in one week might be wise if the symptoms persist. I want to know whether you used some birth control meds. If so plz avoid it. Then it could be possible for your pregnancy again.


A. I would have a difficult time trying to keep on living if I had intentionally ended my child's life. It would haunt me all my days wondering what the child would have been like, thinking about where they ended up in the medical waste can somewhere. I could not go through with any of the procedures mentioned here. What if I were to start having dreams of the child calling out to me in the night? I would never be able to sleep soundly again. How could I face anyone in my family after having done something like this.

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However, the observations of trained observers at that time are worth noting because they may bear on later genomic analysis of the recently resurrected 1918 virus nucleotide fragments (1) and the abortive "swine flu" epidemic of 1976.
Cell groups were arranged in syncytial and three-dimensional patterns and featured abortive gland-like formations.
The closest thing to a kindred achievement might be the theatrical productions of the designer-director Richard Foreman, with their maddening frivolity and beauty, their relentless but always abortive narrativity.
The abortive economic stimulus package was to have included an amendment by Senator Kyl of Arizona that would have made death tax repeal permanent Debate on the amendment had begun, but SENATE majority leader Tom Daschle postponed amendment votes until the members could vote on cloture.
According to the sources, a Hankyu subsidiary lent money to an associate real estate developer in the early 1990s to finance an abortive land purchase in Tokyo.
That should include North Down hopeful Peter Weir, who called on "all honest, decent Ulster Unionists" to boycott his abortive de-selection meeting last week.
As for the abortive coup attempt in November led by former LDP Secretary General Koichi Kato and his comrade Taku Yamasaki, Koga showed understanding saying, ''We can evaluate their action to some extent as an action based on the voters' perspective,'' a reference to Mori's unusually low popularity as premier.
Pernod also is planning to sell its Orangina soft drink unit, after an abortive attempt to sell it to U.
The severity and brevity of cluster headache attacks demand swift, abortive therapy.
In successive waves, anarchist radicalism rose and fell; the Knights of Labor launched an abortive labor party before itself collapsing; the city's trades unions split from the Knights and stabilized themselves; and influential mugwump liberals came to revise their antiquated worldview amid the class warfare that engulfed their city.
Let's hope it's more successful than AltaVista's abortive efforts at "pay-per-hits".
In Gingrich's telling, he regarded last summer's abortive internal coup as a series of misunderstandings among well-intentioned people.