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incompletely developed.


1. Not reaching completion; for example, said of an attack of a disease subsiding before it has fully developed or completed its course.
2. Synonym(s): rudimentary
3. Synonym(s): abortifacient (1)
[L. abortivus]


/abor·tive/ (ah-bor´tiv)
1. incompletely developed.
3. cutting short the course of a disease.


1. Biology Partially or imperfectly developed: an abortive organ.
2. Causing or meant to cause abortion; abortifacient.

a·bor′tive·ly adv.
a·bor′tive·ness n.


1. Not reaching completion; said of a disease subsiding before it has completed its course.
2. Synonym(s): rudimentary.
3. Synonym(s): abortifacient (1) .
[L. abortivus]


Referring to treatment that relieves symptoms of a disorder.
Mentioned in: Headache


Not reaching completion.
[L. abortivus]


1. incompletely developed.
2. abortifacient.

Patient discussion about abortive

Q. What do you know about abortions? How safe is it, are there pills that you can take to avoid the process?

A. I don't want to start a fight or anything here. Please forgive me for saying this. Consider your life when you have aged to 55 plus. Children to help take care of you, family to be with. Holidays are very lonely without family. Your children may be the only ones who care for you. Life is so much more with family. I wish I had a baby to hold. They are all so precious. I will say no more.

Q. I had an abortion which was unexpected.. Could I be pregnant again? Hello, I got married in Aug 2008, when I was 3 weeks pregnant I had an abortion which was unexpected. This happened 2 months back. Now I am using my rest room more often and I am not convenient with the natural disposes. I don’t know if these symptoms are due to any sickness or due to pregnancy. I took a pregnancy test but it came out negative. Could I be pregnant again?

A. Usually symptoms of pregnancy can’t be noticed until 2 weeks. A pregnancy test will become positive only after 2 weeks even if you are pregnant. I am guessing that you are not pregnant now. Repeating the test in one week might be wise if the symptoms persist. I want to know whether you used some birth control meds. If so plz avoid it. Then it could be possible for your pregnancy again.


A. I would have a difficult time trying to keep on living if I had intentionally ended my child's life. It would haunt me all my days wondering what the child would have been like, thinking about where they ended up in the medical waste can somewhere. I could not go through with any of the procedures mentioned here. What if I were to start having dreams of the child calling out to me in the night? I would never be able to sleep soundly again. How could I face anyone in my family after having done something like this.

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George Bush, the then US president, denied any US involvement in the abortive coup and called on Chavez, who is critical of US policy, to "learn a lesson" from the attempted overthrow.
Abortive medications are used to end migraine attacks quickly and to minimize attack-related disability (for example, the inability to perform work or social disruptions).
History in uniform also provides a useful mirror to understanding the role of the military in Indonesian politics, especially in the period following the abortive coup in 1965.
Not classified as true pandemics are 3 notable epidemics: a pseudopandemic in 1947 with low death rates, an epidemic in 1977 that was a pandemic in children, and an abortive epidemic of swine influenza in 1976 that was feared to have pandemic potential.
Not only that, but many contraceptives are abortive, killing the child if conception does take place, and pose serious health risks for women.
Based on the true story of an abortive attempt to kill the 37th American President, the film has Sean Penn as Samuel Bicke, a man going through a more severe mid-life crisis than most.
Patients kept a diary and reported the following: number and duration of attacks, headache intensity, quality and distribution of pain, concomitant symptoms such as nausea, and the use of abortive medications.
In Mary Carey's "Upon ye Sight of My abortive Birth," the poet-mother scorns herself as being "'voyd of life, and feature' .
Despite all this sharing, one thing Spitzer is reluctant to share is the pain that came with Cadillac's abortive three-year effort to win Le Mans.
Ibuprofen is "my favorite first line abortive therapy" for this type of headache.
He intersperses his tale with a running account of the Imperial diehards' final abortive coup attempt to delay the inevitable.