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Used to describe a procedure involving removal of a tissue or body part, or destruction of its function.
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Q. SVT and AF, Hearts that go fast to slow or any others probs with the beats of any kind and Ablation of hearts I have had Ablation done once and I am still having passing out spells and still on 50mg toprol 2 times a day till two days ago, now I am on 150 to 200 aday again. Its not the first time I have had to up meds. I had ablation down 4/22/05. I can breath better now but but it didnt take it away as you can tell. Now Dr Leonardie would like to do it again . This is the big ????! Will it or can it work 100% this time, or will it hit and miss some again???? MTT

A. Well I can understand the frustration of having to go through this procedure yet another time. There are no guarantees in medicine. You should follow your doctor's advice, as another proceudre might be more helpful than the last one. However you should keep in mind that nothing is for sure.

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(5.) See Melchert 1977 for examples of inanimate nouns in the dative-locative instead of the ablative.
Thus, for example, quomodo glosses adverbs, prepositional phrases, ablative absolutes - elements of discourse usually classified in quite separate places in medieval and modern instructional grammars but not in modern functional accounts of syntax.
One is to regard it as an ablative absolute, coordinate with the preceding |completis ...