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Secondary outcome analyses showed that significantly more patients in the ablated group were free from any AF at 24 months, 85% with ablation and 71% with drug treatment, and significantly more ablated patients were free of symptomatic AF at 24 months, 93%, than patients on drug treatment, 84%.
Deaths occurred in three ablated patients and in four treated with drugs only.
The increase in volume percentage in the thin section of the ablated component compared to the conventional sand casting may have partly contributed to the higher strength of the ablated samples and could be due to the casting process, if metal is ladled from the top, middle or bottom of the original melt charge.
The ablated samples featured an improved distribution of particles in the casting compared to the conventionally cast samples.
In the ablated component, gas porosity occurred likely due to poor gating design and a filling system that was not optimized for ablation.
The 't' test was used to verify the occurrence of significant fertility difference between ablated and non ablated females and also to compare spawning intervals between ablated and non ablated female size classes.
2003), unilaterally ablated Penaeus semisulcatus females, in 20 [degrees]C temperature, developed their ovary until the fourth stage, but did not spawn.
For the statistical analysis, 21 ablated and non ablated females were used, because five females that were above or below the three size classes and one female that died before doing any spawning were discarded.
The Clara cells were most ablated 3 days after the exposure (data not shown), and Figure 1B shows that > 70% of ablation continued 14 days after the exposure.
We ablated the Clara cells in mice using the cytoselective toxicity of the metabolic products of naphthalene mediated by cytochrome P450 monooxygenase (3,24,25,34).
Her airway was secured with a laser endotracheal tube, and her mass was biopsied and ablated.
The mass was ablated, and no involvement of any other tissues was noted.