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Enduring traits that are primarily genetically predetermined and underlie a person's skilled motor performance (e.g., visual acuity, body configuration, numeric reasoning).
[L. habilitas, capacity, aptitude]
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Regardless, examining the discrepancies between the three areas of abilities, grades, and experiential activities is a major AE interpretation goal.
Development through the life stages can be guided, partly by facilitating the maturing of abilities, interests, and coping resources and partly by aiding in reality testing and in the development of self-concepts.
They only then begin to see that there is a link between their interests, skills, abilities, and their future success.
Psychological research points to several biologically primary mathematical abilities that children everywhere display, Geary writes in the January American Psychologist.
These primary mathematical abilities buttress an early awareness of simple arithmetic, especially basic adding and subtracting.
Algebra, calculus, and most aspects of geometry also represent secondary abilities, Geary asserts.
Using the components on which the test is based, rather than one composite score, would probably capture the diversity of abilities in the population even better.
Abilities Expo/Chicago Metro: August 13-15 at the Donald E.
Abilities Expo/Metro Detroit: September 17-19 at the Novi Expo
Abilities Expo/Northern California: November 12-14 at the
It turns out that it depends on what types of mathematical abilities we're talking about, and the results by no means favor men.
First and foremost, the most just way to evaluate people is based on their individual abilities and accomplishments rather than on the general abilities of whatever gender they espouse (remember the case of Stanford neurobiologist Ben A.