ayurvedic massage

Ayurvedic medicine
Massage which stimulates the invisible but allegedly palpable marma junctions between mind and matter, analogous to acupuncture’s pressure points.

abhyanga (bh·yänˑ·g),

n in Ayurveda, an oil massage, recommended for increasing flexibility of muscles and joints, rejuvenating skin, and keeping impurities from accumulating in the body by stimulating various tissues.
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Dantadhavana(teeth brushing), Gandoosha(gargling), Abhyanga, vyayama in the form of yoga, meditation and prayer, incorporating foods and herbs/drugs that are compatible for life are prescribed ways, along with proper sleep and rest, to attain that aim.
Abhyanga massages, mineral baths and Shirodhara, sacred essential oils and precious gems, are used to anoint the body.
Raturi explains this is to be followed by internal and external moisturizing with ghee (clarified butter) or oil, and body massage, which is known as Abhyanga.
Various panchkarma procedures that are administered include Katibasti, Grivabasti, Patrapinda Sweda, Churanpinda Sweda, Balukapotli Sweda, Udavartanama, Abhyanga, Nadi Sweda, Sarvanga Abhyanga, Vashapa Sweda, Shirodhara, Shirobasti, Nasaya, Vamana, Virechana, Basti, etc.
The massage services with the highest price are the following: the 120-minute classical relaxation, the tandem massage (4 hands) and the 60-minute Abhyanga Ayurveda massage, and, the lowest price are for the following: the 30-minute anti-stress massage, the 30-minute classical relaxation massage and the 30-minute facial massage.
The offer: Multi-day Ayurveda retreats including synchronized Abhyanga massage, chickpea peeling.
The skin is your largest organ, and abhyanga is a marvelous way to feed it.
Massage and couples spa treatment every day, with options like aroma fusion, deep renewal, Thai massage and abhyanga.
Other therapies such as abhyanga and siroabhyanga help alleviate stress levels, reducing insomnia triggers.
After cleansing my back, Stacey gives me an Ayurverdic oil back, neck and shoulder massage called Abhyanga - an integral part of the daily routine recommended by this ancient Indian healing system for overall health and well-being.
Al Shifa specializes in authentic Ayurveda treatments such as Panchakarma - the ultimate Ayurvedic detox, Shirodhara and Abhyanga - Ayurvedic oil bath and massage, as well as specially formulated Ayurvedic packages for rejuvenation, beauty and weight loss.