An instrument for measuring optic aberration or any error in experimentation.
[L. aberratio, aberration, + G. metron, measure]
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Clinical applications of the Shack-Hartmann aberrometer. Optom Vis Sci.
Although it might be difficult to directly compare the results produced by different instruments (the previous study used a Harmann-shack-principle-based aberrometer, whereas the current study used a ray-tracing-technique-based aberrometer), the comparison we found were more complicated.
Eye Refract features a dual aberrometer that utilises technology that couples an automatic refraction measurement and a simultaneous iterative lens adjustment.
This system is composed of a 1024 microlenses Shack-Hartmann aberrometer, a Mirao-52e (Imagine Eyes, France) deformable mirror, an 800 x 600 pixels microdisplay, and a motorized Badal system.
is set to release the Holos Barrett Intraocular Lens Formula, which will be available exclusively on the Holos IntraOp Wavefront Aberrometer mid-year, the company said.
Higher order aberrations (HOAs) were measured with aberrometer (Wavelight allegro analyzer version 1073) during preoperative assessment and one month after surgery.
This aberrometer uses an optical system that images the wave front located at the eye's entrance pupil into an array of microscopic lenslets that divide the beam of light exiting the eye into many smaller beams that are focused as tiny spots on a video sensor.
A ray-tracing wavefront aberrometer then provides a detailed analysis of the eye.
At the heart of the reference is the alphabetically arranged product directory, which begins with aberrometer, ophthalmic and ends with 5-amp-phosphate release (colorimetric).
This facility develops and manufactures the iDesign portion of the iLASIK system, iDesign is the WaveFront aberrometer that produces three-dimensional eye mapping for generating the corrective prescriptions used in the iLASIK laser correction procedure.
As explained before, it also offers the options of standard treatments or, based on ocular wavefront data, using a high resolution aberrometer (WASCA[R]).