aberrant bile ducts

ab·er·rant bile ducts

small ducts occasionally present in the ligaments of the liver or originating from the surface of the liver.
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During surgery, aberrant bile ducts and bile leak were observed at the localization of the left triangular ligament (appendix fibrosa hepatis) that was previously detected by MRCP.
In particular, it is necessary to keep in mind the possibility of aberrant bile ducts in the left triangular ligament in female patients with more biliary tract variations.
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The patient was reoperated, and no pathology was observed except for aberrant bile duct (a 3 mm diameter) with bile leakage at the site where the left liver triangular ligament (appendix fibrosa hepatis) was dissected at the observation by following the drain (Figure 3).
(2,3) Misidentification of the aberrant bile ducts as the cystic duct is the cause of 70%-80% of all IBDIs during LC.
By implementing a novel approach, we were able to identify that the bile leak was due to the unavoidable injury of an aberrant bile duct that, to our knowledge, has not been reported previously in the literature published in English.
Evaluation of aberrant bile ducts before laparoscopic cholecystectomy: helical CT cholangiography versus MR cholangiography.
Undiagnosed aberrant bile ducts are a common cause of bile duct injury.
As lately described by Schnelldorfer and collegues [4], the so-called "ducts of Luschka" are indeed a variegate group of rare anatomical variations (subvesical bile duct) categorized in four types: segmental or sectorial, accessory, hepaticocholecystic, and aberrant bile ducts. They generally drain into the right hepatic duct or the common hepatic duct, but variations are ordinary [4].
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