aberrant artery

ab·er·rant ar·ter·y

artery having an unusual origin or course.
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lobectomy A CT arteriogram showed a single aberrant artery arising from the anterior right lateral aspect of the thoracic aorta at the level of T10 supplying the right lower lobe pulmonary sequestration Patient 3 Chest X-ray--a vague Left lower Figure 3, opacity in the lower lobe lobectomy.
Pre-operative radiographic identification of the aberrant artery is critical in preventing operative morbidity and mortality due to exsanguinations.
Despite the origin of ILS from the aorta, the aberrant artery to ILS malformation is not thick-walled like a bronchial artery, but thin-walled with a wide lumen like a pulmonary artery.
During surgery, the inferior pulmonary ligament was carefully dissected and the aberrant artery within it was not injured (Figure 2).
Pulmonary sequestration indicates an abnormal pulmonary tissue that does not have a connection with the tracheabronchial tree and its blood supply is usually from an aberrant artery arising from the aorta or one of its branches.
In only one of the 14 patients was it necessary to convert to a thoracotomy because of bleeding from an aberrant artery (12).
10) This is fortunate because manipulation of an aberrant artery might cause a stroke.
We also review the literature on laterally displaced internal carotid arteries, and discuss their differentiation from a congenitally aberrant artery.
The aberrant artery enters the tympanic cavity via an enlarged inferior tympanic canaliculus posterior to the vertical segment of the ICA.
Inside the middle ear, the ICA can swing more posteriorly and laterally and give a false impression of an aberrant artery.
A lateralized carotid artery can be differentiated from an aberrant artery only by close inspection of the CT scan.