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The investigators hypothesized that a decrease in hip abductor muscle torque during walking would lead to an increase in medial tibiofemoral joint loading, and thereby to medial OA progression.
When the abductor muscle is cut away from the shells, there usually remains a robbery strap that holds the muscle to the shells.
Prolonged bed rest leads to abductor muscle weakness in these patients and thus, abductor muscle strengthening exercises are an important component of conservative treatment.
A misplaced third barrier meant the runners had their stride patterns put out and as Sotherton jumped the hurdle, she tweaked her abductor muscle.
I hurtmy abductor muscle jumping that third hurdle and it could have been really serious.
The 20-year-old from Belgrade missed the warm-up event at Eastbourne this week to rest an abductor muscle strain, but is expected to cruise through the early rounds before a possible meeting with one of the Williams sisters.
Already John Arne Riise, scorer of the own-goal that has given Chelsea a priceless 1-1 draw from the first leg, finds himself thrust into possible action at Stamford Bridge, with Fabio Aurelio out for three weeks with a torn abductor muscle.
Aurelio has a torn abductor muscle, and Benitez said: "He will be out for three weeks, but back in time for the final
Now Liverpool's worst fears have been realised after Aurelio was diagnosed with a torn abductor muscle - an injury which will rule him out of the rest of the Premier League campaign.
His list includes two broken ankles, one dislocated shoulder, one torn abductor muscle, one torn deltoid and a broken metatarsal.
Allardyce confirmed Michael Owen has a 3cm tear in his abductor muscle - an injury set to rule him out for up to a month.
The only concern the English club have is the abductor muscle I strained a couple of months ago," said van der Meyde.

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