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Relating to the abdomen.
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Of or relating to the abdomen.
An abdominal muscle: an exercise machine that works the abdominals.

ab·dom′i·nal·ly adv.
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adjective Pertaining or referring to the abdomen.
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Relating to the abdomen.
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1. Referring to the ABDOMEN.
2. Of a surgical operation performed through an incision in the wall of the abdomen, which could be performed via a different route, e.g. an abdominal hysterectomy.
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Patient discussion about abdominal

Q. What Causes Specific Abdominal Pain? Everytime I go see a doctor when I have abdominal pains he tells me I probably have gastroenteritis. How does he know that it's not something else for instance, appendicitis, just by examining my abdomen?

A. whats the symptoms of ovarian cyst?

Q. I keep having this bad pain in my abdomin and I think something is wrong with me what could it be

A. it all depends on the symtoms,could be a number of things,if it persists go see a doctor,

Q. i have pains in the lower abdominal areas what is the couse these pain usually occar off and on besides the the abdomen in the lower areasand some times all over the abdomen

A. Is the pain worsened when you cough or lift heavy weight? It may suggest hernia (protrusion of gut loop through the abdomen wall, see here http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/hernia.html ). However, it's virtually impossible to diagnose you through the net, so consulting a doctor would be wise.

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According to the NCEP-ATP III and IDF recommendations, 61.2% and 78.4% of participants, respectively, were abdominally obese.
"In my experience, I have found more abdominally retained testicles further down in the abdomen," she says.
Growth hormone treatment of abdominally obese men reduces abdominal fat mass, improves glucose and lipoprotein metabolism, and reduces diastolic blood pressure.
Combined Use of Waist and Hip Circumference to Identify Abdominally Obese HIV-Infected Patients at Increased Health Risk.
Moreover, the prevalence of this aspect is indicated by several classical and well known studies such as the Clinical Antipsychotic Trials of Intervention Effectiveness (CATIE) study, which found that 76.35% of women and 35.5% of men were abdominally obese at baseline (13).
Using the WC cut-points of 102 cm and 88 cm to indicate increased chronic disease risk for males and females, respectively, 13.6% (n=14) were classified as abdominally obese at the start of the freshman year.
Diabetes mellitus was induced by single injection of 60 mg/kg dose of streptozotocin ("Sigma," USA) abdominally, diluted ex tempore with 0.01 M/L citrate buffer (pH 4.5).
By comparing the groups in terms of BMI and waist circumference (Table 2) it is evident that all the groups with obese and abdominally obese patients received radiation doses higher than the normal weight group.
Their major findings showed very similar results whether the hysterectomy was performed abdominally or laparoscopically with morcellation.
The major factor associated with the occurrence of MeS was above normal pre-pregnancy weight, with most of the women being abdominally obese (Puhkala et al., 2013).