abdominal wall

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abdominal wall

the lining of the abdomen, consisting partly of bone but mostly of muscle. See also abdominal muscles.


pertaining to, affecting or originating in the abdomen. See also abdominal paracentesis, abdominal sounds.

abdominal binding
a wide bandage applied to the abdomen to raise intra-abdominal pressure. Its primary purposes are (1) to limit the displacement of the diaphragm during thoracic compression of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, thereby raising intrathoracic pressures achieved and improving forward blood flow, and (2) to maintain blood volume in the central circulation during hemorrhagic shock.
abdominal breathing
an abnormal form of respiratory movement in which the thorax is fixed and the inspiratory and expiratory movement of the lungs are carried out by the diaphragm and the abdominal muscles so that there are exaggerated movements of the abdominal wall.
abdominal cavity
the body cavity between the diaphragm and the pelvis; contains the abdominal organs.
abdominal enlargement
may result from fluid effusions (transudate, exudate or blood), enlargement of viscera (neoplasia, dilatation, engorgement or physiological phenomena, e.g. pregnancy), intra-abdominal masses or fat. Weakness of the abdominal wall usually results in a pendulous rather than enlarged abdomen.
abdominal lavage
see abdominal lavage.
abdominal muscle ischemia
an unexplained ischemic necrosis of the internal oblique muscle of ewes in late pregnancy which are carrying twins or triplets. Results in ventral hernia but often with little apparent effect on the ease of lambing.
abdominal muscles
the paired muscles of the flank and belly that surround and support the abdominal viscera.
abdominal pad
see abdominal pad.
abdominal pain
may arise from an abdominal organ, the peritoneum or be referred as from spinal nerves.
abdominal regions
arbitrary, descriptive subdivisions of the abdomen made up of three groups of three (like a noughts-and-crosses grid), three along the middle—xiphoid, umbilical and pubic, and three lateral pairs—hypochondriac, lateral abdominal and inguinal.
abdominal silhouette
the shape of the abdomen viewed from behind.
abdominal trier
see trier.
abdominal tunic
see tunica flava abdominis.
abdominal viscera
the organs contained within the abdominal cavity; they include the stomach, intestines, liver, spleen, pancreas, and parts of the urinary and reproductive tracts.
abdominal wall
consists of the parietal peritoneum, the deep and superficial layers of fascia, the transverse abdominal, internal and external abdominal oblique muscles, the subcutaneous tissue and the skin. It contains the umbilicus, the cicatrix marking the entry point of the umbilical cord, and is traversed by the inguinal canal, and at its caudal extremity carries the prepubic tendon, the ventral attachment of the wall to the pubic bones.
abdominal wall rigidity
reflex response to pain of peritonitis, accompanied by pain on palpation or percussion.


a structure bounding or limiting a space or a definitive mass of material.

abdominal wall
see abdominal wall.
cell wall
a rigid structure that lies just outside of and is joined to the plasma membrane of plant cells and most prokaryotic cells, which protects the cell and maintains its shape.
wall chart
see calendar charts, shed sheet.
intestinal wall
composed of serosa, muscular tunic, the submucosa containing intestinal submucosal glands, and the mucosa of lining cells, goblet and enterochromaffin cells.
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The practice of this pose lengthens your spine and tones your abdominal wall.
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