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Abdominal tenderness was seen in all 47 (100%) patients and clinical signs of peritonitis like abdominal rigidity in all 47 (100%) patients.
The facility physician noted that the patient had a mild temperature elevation and abdominal rigidity on exam.
Lack of appetite, low-grade fever and abdominal rigidity is typical, with inflammatory markers present in the blood.
Within less than 6 hours, the patient abruptly developed diffuse abdominal pain, accompanied by an axillary temperature of 38[degrees]C, mild tachycardia, hypoactive bowel sounds, and generalized abdominal rigidity and tenderness.
A 47 years old male patient admitted to our emergency department with right upper quadrant pain, and then progressed through abdominal rigidity indicating acute abdomen, was subjected to laparatomy.
No guarding or abdominal rigidity could be elicited.
Patients with peritonitis present with fever, anorexia, abdominal rigidity, hypoactive bowel sounds, and abdominal pain.
The classic findings of right lower quadrant pain, abdominal rigidity, and migration of pain from the periumbilical region to the right lower quadrant occur in only about 50% of patients with appendicitis.
During the ensuing 2-week period, she was treated for tremors, muscle spasms, abdominal rigidity, apnea, pneumonia, and local infection from her leg wound.
of Patients Percentage (%) Pallor 85 85 Icterus 3 3 Edema 12 12 Ascitis 10 10 Signs of dehydration 30 30 Generalized lymphadenopathy 9 9 Abdominal tenderness 48 48 Abdominal Guarding 29 29 Abdominal Rigidity 2 2 Hepatomegaly 8 8 Splenomegaly 12 12 Lung signs 18 18 Table 3: Various Surgical presentations Diagnosis of Patient No.
Bowel sounds are usually present, and there may be no vomiting or abdominal rigidity, Robertson et al (3) and Yeo.
Abdominal rigidity is observed in the due course of time or seen in the late reporting cases, indicative of strangulation and peritonitis.