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Robert W., U.S. surgeon, 1851-1928. See: Abbe flap.


Ernst K., German physicist, 1840-1905. See: Abbé condenser.
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A fifth generation master butcher, Mr Vaughan had also worked in the supermarket sector while Abbe was an enterprise agency operations manager giving people business advice.
Abbe is also being held in jail on a charge that she violated parole by failing to appear in court.
The Abbe Center has a targeted case management office farther inland, and that is where management regrouped during the flood.
Then he told me about the Abbe Rous himself, after whom the wine cellars are named - a local Catholic priest, politician, marketing guru, anchovy fisherman and winemaker, who in the late 19th Century had the vision and gumption to get together the local grape growers and set up a co-operative winery - in order to raise enough money to pay for a new church for his village.
Pope Benedict XVI sent a telegram of condolence in which he expressed thanks for Abbe Pierre's "action in favor of the poorest, which gave a witness of the charity which comes to us through Christ.
On Monday, Abbe Pierre - often described as the conscience of France - died at the age of 94.
Abbe Andrews, aged 20, from Solihull, is a third year sociology student at UCE Birmingham, based in Perry Barr.
Streams Of Grace: A Selection Of The Letters Of The Abbe de Tourville is an outstanding collection of the great spiritualist's intimate personal understanding of the greater spirit within us and the God above us.
recalled speleologist Abbe Breuil about the initial opening to Lascaux (7).
The lab versions, the Abbe Max 10 and 20, are accurate to one part in 104 and 105, respectively.
Joliette, QC -- The Abbe Raymond Gravel, parish priest of St.
Exhaustively compiled and adroitly edited by Elfrieda Abbe, The Writer's Handbook 2005 features articles from top writers worldwide offering tips, tricks, and techniques for both the process of writing and the difficulties of earning a living at the craft.