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Abate declares that parents should realize that the books their children are reading today are not more--or less--violent than those of 100 years ago.
One need to look no further than the quintessential children's stories, fairy tales, to find violence and murder, Abate said.
WINGING IT: Ignazio Abate (right) challenges Ireland''s Damien Duff
If it's really hot, I absolutely don't wear one," says ABATE of Florida's Reichenbach.
For just this reason, concern that the robust expansion many developing countries have enjoyed for some years may abate is likewise not a matter of economics alone.
The good abate needed all his talents to justify the continual oscillation of his master between France and Spain during the affair of the Mantuan succession (1628-1630), to which the duke of Savoy held one of several competing claims.
Abel Band--in business for more than 40 years--remains "fairly true to our roots" in real estate, estate planning and litigation, Abate says, but has recently added a domestic relations division and a securities litigation division.
Several municipalities have used civil injunctions to abate gang activity under the theory that ongoing gang activity is a public nuisance.
NEW YORK -- Burson-Marsteller, a leading global public relations and communications consultancy, today announced it has appointed Newsweek senior editor David Noonan and former MSNBC producer Angelena Abate and Barbara Shear former Senior Vice President at MS&L as Directors in its US Media Practice.
Contract awarded for acquisition of 754 kilos of abate granulate 1% program vector
Worst in terms of asset quality is behind us and de-leveraging by some large corporates will abate concerns on corporate lenders.