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1. Affected by, or associated with, abasia.
2. Refers to loss of pyrimidine sites in DNA.
Synonym(s): abatic
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, abatic (ă-bā'sik, ă-bat'ik)
1. Affected by, or associated with, abasia.
2. Refers to loss of pyrimidine sites in DNA.
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(a-ba'zh(e-)a) [ ¹an- + Gr. basis, step]
1. Motor incoordination in walking.
2. Inability to walk due to impairment of coordination. abasicabatic, adjective


Lack of motor coordination with inability to stand or walk. Synonym: astasia-abasia

paralytic abasia

Abasia in which the leg muscles are paralyzed.

paroxysmal trepidant abasia

Abasia caused by trembling and sudden stiffening of the legs on standing, making walking impossible. It may be related to hysteria.
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The Danish declaration has been rejected as being too one sided, while the version being circulated by the BASIC bloc is reportedly being merged with a declaration circulated by African countries (ABASIC).
Abasic network diagram looks a bit like a game of connect the dots that ends in a jumbled mess instead of a pretty picture.
ABASIC rail return to London will smash through the pounds 100 barrier in the New Year.
Abasic rate taxpayer saving this amount in a top-paying taxable account would lose around pounds 45 of the interest earned every year to the taxman, while a higher rate taxpayer could be charged pounds 90.
The in-store asking price of abasic model is $500 (pounds 250).
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