aaa disease

aaa dis·ease

endemic anemia of ancient Egypt, ascribed in the Papyrus Ebers to intestinal infestation with ancylostoma; now called ancylostomiasis.
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Consequently, EVAR has become the gold standard for treatment of AAA disease.
Aortica was founded to design, manufacture, and market tools for treatment of patients with AAA disease who have aortic anatomy that limits their treatment options.
In New Zealand, 230 people died of AAA disease between 2002-2006.
The company's lead product, Aorfix, is an endovascular stent graft which has been specifically designed to solve the problems that exist in treating complex tortuous anatomies, which are often present in advanced AAA disease.
This volume contains 28 full-length contributions by international specialists plus 20 more short papers, all discussing the pathobiology of AAA disease.
To learn more about abdominal aortic aneurysm screening and reducing the risk of AAA disease, consult your physician or www.
The majority of volunteers will come in for one day of testing for the first part of the study to assess lifetime physical activity, overall health history, aortic size and profile of serum markers of AAA disease.
To learn more about AAA screening and reducing the risk of AAA disease, Medicare recipients and others should consult a physician or visit www.
We view endovascular repair of AAA disease as a priority for Gore now and well into the future.