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(1) Asclepia syriaca, common milkweed, common silkweed, cottonweed, silky swallowtail, Virginia silk, wild cotton A perennial herb with a milky white sap, which was used topically by Native Americans for skin complaints—e.g., fungal infections, poison ivy, warts, once used internally for gastrointestinal and respiratory conditions; the root is poisonous
(2) Aesclepias tuberosa, see Pleurisy root
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In a field experiment, A. syriaca leaves did not experience Pn reductions after injury when plants received relief from water stress and/or competition with other plants, while leaves on stressed plants had the largest Pn reductions after injury (Delaney, 2003).
We had initially suspected that Pn impairment might be related to a physiological cost of defense, particularly related to A. syriaca constitutive or induced cardenolide defense investment.
exaltata and A. syriaca. - The best documented case of hybridization in milkweeds involves A.