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William J., English surgeon, 1810-1894. See: Little disease.
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Hopefully with adding us we can maybe add a little more experience and on the further side of it, going deeper.
The imagery tends toward cliche, although the one instance of this that really works--a lone girl spinning ecstatically round a dance floor, echoing Emin's 1995 video Why I Never Became a Dancer--does so partly because Emin makes her best sound-track choice here, Shirley & Company's 1975 disco hit "Shame, Shame, Shame." (The other music cues are a little literal minded, from Donna Summer's "I Feel Love" to Roxy Music's languid lament "Sea Breezes.")
But when I asked him how many stories had been placed in past months, he looked a little less sure of the situation.
The son of a Little League coach, Associate Editor MATT WELCH was inspired to become a journalist by the snarky elegance of Bill James' Baseball Abstract, which he first read while waiting in line for World Series tickets.
ELVIS/JXL: A Little Less Conversation (RCA) - But this should beat them both to the top.
"When he start to sanging, 'Old Irish Potato, Old Irish Potato,' then I'd get a little nervous and goosy like.
If you need a little something to get you in the party spirit, the Daily Mirror's fashion editor has taken her pick of C&A's hottest looks.
One afternoon B drove A out into the countryside and the two had breakfast at a little cafe in a town called Gibson City.
My friend is dating my ex, and I still like him a little. Now that she's seeing him, I feel sad and alone.
10 NICK RELPH AND OLIVER PAYNE, DRIFTWOOD Last fall's buzz on Nick and Oliver was a little too charming.
WITH our great offer, not only can you liven up your wardrobe but you may even have a little extra money to spare on some of C&A's great accessories.

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