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William J., English surgeon, 1810-1894. See: Little disease.
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If I was tired, we'd lay down a little bit, you know.
At the heart of this work is the stunning discovery that A's grandmother had murdered his grandfather when A's father was a little boy.
Earth to Libra gal--you're not a little girl anymore, so do your best to work things out with buds in a new-and-improved mature way.
I think, last year, we actually ran out of pitching and I think that's why we lost, but this year we spread the pitching out a little differently.
OAKLAND -- Had the Angels played with the sense of urgency they showed the past two days in the Bay Area, their situation certainly would be a little less dire.
Just remember this: A little bit o' hard-to-get ca go a long way.
There used to be a Little League field at Fuller Field," he said.
If you're not running properly, if you're compensating, the ball might jump on you, and I think we're dealing with a little bit of that.