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William J., English surgeon, 1810-1894. See: Little disease.
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I feel permitted now,' he said, 'to ask you a little more concerning your father.
But the sweetmeat seller in the camp lent him a little tom-tom--a drum beaten with the flat of the hand--and he sat down, cross-legged, before Kala Nag as the stars began to come out, the tom-tom in his lap, and he thumped and he thumped and he thumped, and the more he thought of the great honor that had been done to him, the more he thumped, all alone among the elephant fodder.
cried Peony, as plainly as he could speak, for he was but a little boy.
As there was a little pause here, which I thought, for my dear girl's satisfaction, had better be filled up, I hummed an air as I worked which was a favourite with my guardian.
cried Polly, longing to add a little beauty to her friend's sallow face by a graceful adjustment of the flowers.
And with sundry ejaculations of 'Come now, there's a dear --drink a little of this--it'll do you good--don't give way so-- there's a love,' etc.
So, as I was saying, I had gone down upon one knee, and was just reaching out a little stick to turn the Beetle over, when I saw a sight that made me draw back hastily and hold my breath, for fear of making any noise and frightening the little creature a way.
answered Violet sadly, "do you not know that beneath the flowers' bright leaves there beats a little heart that loves and sorrows like our own?
But I sha'n't be when I get to know the girls in the class a little better.
Rawdon Crawley was general-in-chief over these arrangements, with full orders from Sir Pitt to sell, barter, confiscate, or purchase furniture, and she enjoyed herself not a little in an occupation which gave full scope to her taste and ingenuity.
Well, the fireman in question, who had gone to make a round of inspection in the cellars and who, it seems, had ventured a little farther than usual, suddenly reappeared on the stage, pale, scared, trembling, with his eyes starting out of his head, and practically fainted in the arms of the proud mother of little Jammes.
He has a very dull time of it, all by himself; and we ought not to grudge wasting a little of our precious time to amuse him.