alpha' hemolysis

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α' he·mol·y·sis

hemolysis observed in blood agar cultures of occasional strains of pneumococci or streptococci; the zone of hemolysis about the colony is greenish caused by a partial decomposition of hemoglobin.
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These figures are hence identical to those reported by Howanitz et al, (1) since a hemolysis rate below 2.
The prevalence of a hemolysis after PDA endocarditis is unknown.
A hemolysis index of 150 arbitrary units (AU), in one published study, was equivalent to a hemoglobin concentration of 19.
Since adopting the best practices in 2009, Sarasota Memorial has successfully maintained a hemolysis rate of less than 1 percent overall across the health system - a rate well below the national average of 5-7 percent.
According to laboratory protocol, a hemolysis level corresponding to an approximate hemoglobin concentration below 100 mg/dL is judged to be acceptable for testing.
The hemoglobin concentration was measured as a hemolysis index (HI) (calibrated in milligrams per deciliter hemoglobin) on the Abbott c8000 analyzer.
QI have been trying to find a hemolysis control for our COBAS INTEGRA and have been unsuccessful.
It is possible that an individual department may have a hemolysis rate comparable to the ED rate; however, total specimen numbers for each department were not captured.
ATP concentration was plotted vs hemoglobin concentration to create a hemolysis correction curve (Fig.
It is reasonable to expect a hemolysis rate of less than 2%.
If the difference between potassium concentrations in samples with a hemolysis index of 0 and those with a hemolysis index of 1 through 10 was not significant, as assessed by using the above formula, then hemolysis was considered not to be clinically significant.
11877984) states that "there is no interference from hemolysis up to a hemolysis index of 50 (approximate hemoglobin concentration: 50 mg/dL)".