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But, KTRB will not be the solo home for the A's, even with its unique nighttime signal contour that covers the entire San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose market, as well as most of Stockton and Modesto, within the Sacramento DMA.
There are a host of logistic issues at play that even if the A's were courting the Portland market, make it difficult, if not impossible.
The A's didn't waste any time taking the lead in the championship game, scoring all the runs they would need in the home half of the first inning.
A owns telecommunications equipment that connects with the SONET ring to allow transmission of the telecommunications among A's business locations or to the PSTN and transmission of others' telecommunications to A from the PSTN.
A's, the EBL Division Two side now coached by former Birmingham Bullets star Steven Hansell, tackle Riders at Joseph Chamberlain College Sports Centre, Highgate (6pm).
The Saints loaded the bases with no outs in the sixth, but the Cub A's again found a way to wiggle their way out and preserve their slim lead.
First, he would be extremely selective at the plate, trying to drive Sheets' pitch count up right from the first pitch--believing that if he could make a great pitcher throw lots of pitches early, the A's would be facing the bullpen (and a weaker pitcher) earlier in the game.
Millan's twins, negligently and intentionally (1) ruptured Twin A's membrane during an office visit on July 5, 1994, resulting in Twin A's exposure to Group B Streptococcus; (2) failed to culture Ms.
Rather, they purportedly made threats against A, interfered with A's attempts to find employment and objected to the former criminal's spending time in the yard outside the couple's house.
Your parents expect straight A's. Your coach says you re not playing up to our "potential." Your teachers tell you to "apply" yourself better.
IF EVER YOU were going to judge a book by the reaction to it, an excellent candidate would be Moneyball, reporter Michael Lewis' terrific and brisk account of how a long-simmering and mostly amateur analytical revolution was finally acknowledged, embraced, and ruthlessly implemented by a Major League Baseball executive: Oakland A's General Manager Billy Beane.