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Q. I go to sleep & use to wake up paralyzed in my sleep.

I go to sleep & use to wake up paralyzed in my sleep. But not asleep, just laying there, eyes wide open paralyzed. I couldn't breath, I couldn't speak, move anything but my eyes. I could look around but I couldn't even breathe. This has happened a few times in my old house, once in my mother's house (she lived by the side of a graveyard), and then only once in my new house. What is it and what do you think is causing it?
A1I had the same problem but never at night...and it only happened during the day when I take nap. I will wake up and I can't move or talk, I can't open my eyes either. I've never been able to snap out of it though, I just have to lay there until I go back to sleep, and usually it doesn't happen when I wake up the next time. Needless to say I try NOT to take naps anymore, because it happens nearly every time.
A2Hi, I join you because I have the same symptoms. It will occur once in a while like every three months. But it sometimes makes me to feels as if somebody is holding me down and shaking me and I can't move. I haven't really concentrated on breathing, so I don't know if I am able to. But, I have tried to yell and get up, but moving is not an option. I will see dark figures sometimes in the room or faces, which makes me feel like I am being possessed. I have heard that these symptoms are caused by stress, anxiety, or being bipolar. I have also heard that in such cases you may have to concentrate on your fingers and try to move them. I haven't got a chance to try this out yet, but I will the next time it happens. If you try it and if it works, let me know.
A3I have the same symptoms. I sleep and have visions of a person or people, and when I wake up I feel like I can’t move or breathe. Outside sounds like a buzzing turns into a whispering voice saying "get up" and the only thing I can do is touch my fingers to whatever is near. The way I dealt with this is to not drink alcohol and sleep comfortably with no blankets by my face. Try not to be scared and go back to sleep. If this doesn’t work then contact doctor immediately.
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