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Q. How does alcohol affect someone who has been diagnosed with aortic valve stenosis?

My brother has been diagnosed with aortic valve stenosis and also is a smoker and does drink alcohol on the weekends. He knows that he should stop smoking but what about the effects of alcohol? Does this also contribute to his stenosis?
A1Alcohol changes blood pressure and speed of the heart- that is not a good idea if you have an Aortic stenosis. Could probably makes things worst. I would avoid alcohol… but he should ask GP.
A2Well, like anything in life- it depends…Aortic stenosis is usually caused by arthrosclerosis, a small amount of alcohol (a small glass of red wine with your food) actually benefits arthrosclerosis. But a larger amount of alcohol can do a great deal of damage to the heart due to toxic effect of alcohol dismantling by the liver. And it also depends if and what medication your brother is taking. I would talk to his cardiologist and ask him that question.
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