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Q. What causes twitching

I deal with insomnia,and sometimes i sleep very sound. What causes the twitching during sleeping.Went to bed at 10 pm, and 2 30 this morning my boyfriend was woke up by me twitching. What is the cause of this. I also drink alot of coffee, could that be a factor with it.
ATwitching during sleep is not something we can control, and it is a very normal event during sleep. Some people experience it more than others, and it's not necessarily connected to you drinking a lot of coffee. Caffiene consumtion can cause slight tremor but not during sleep. Twiching while awake is caused by small fibers of muscles contracting and is also normal. Heavy twiching is something that requires further blood test because certain electrolyte imbalances can cause it.

Q. my sons arm started twitching in the mornings. is that normal?

it's scary, not every morning, but once in a while (twice a week maybe more) he's right arm just twitches without control for 2-3 minutes. can i stop it? should i try to restrain him? does any one know this situation?
A1was your son ever diagnosed for epilepsy? if this is the case, it's not dangerous (unless he holds a knife...) so don't restrain him - it can do only damage. but you should be aware that if the seizure does not stop after 3-5 minutes- you should call an ambulance. and don't panic, your son will be O.K :)
A2my dear- it sound like your son is having an epilepsy seizure that's called "Myoclonus". epilepsy can be general seizures or partial. in this case it's very partial and is focused on a small area in the brain. You should take him to the doctor for examinations. you can read about it in the "National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke" website, here is a direct link:

Q. eyelids

what causes your eye lids too twitch? my left eye lid has been twitching on and off for about a week what causes it and how can i get it to stop.
A1Not an answer, just another question - how long can this go on? My eyelid has been twitching, (likely lack of sleep) for almost a month now. Any treatment that I should seek?
A2i get eye twitching when i don't get enough sleep but it can be also:
Corneal irritation or injury
Prolonged staring or eye strain
Neurological disorders
Possibly Hereditary

well, as i said my way to stop it is just get enough sleep, not sure about the rest of the causes, probably has couple of different treatments...
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