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Q. What is a bone marrow transplant?

I wanted to enter myself as a potential bone marrow donor and wanted to know first of all what bone marrow is? What does a bone marrow transplant mean and how is it done?
A1Bone marrow is a soft, fatty tissue inside the bones. This is where blood cells are produced, and where they develop. Transplanted bone marrow will restore production of white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets. Donated bone marrow must match the patient's tissue type. It can be taken from the patient, a living relative (usually a brother or a sister), or from an unrelated donor. Donors are matched through special blood tests called HLA tissue typing. Bone marrow is taken from the donor in the operating room while the donor is unconscious and pain-free (under general anesthesia). Some of the donor's bone marrow is removed from the top of the hip bone. The bone marrow is filtered, treated, and transplanted immediately or frozen and stored for later use. Transplant marrow is transfused into the patient through a vein (IV) and is naturally carried into the bone cavities where it grows to replace the old bone marrow.
A2First of all I wanted to say that bone marrow transplants are very important and can save lives and good for you for wanting to donate bone marrow!
Also, I saw this video that talks about bone marrow that could help you understand it a bit better:

Q. Has anyone had experience with a corneal transplant because of keratoconus?

Amy uncle had to do a transplant- it took 5 weeks until he could see anything , another year to get his vision straightened up. but now he is fine! i know that he looked for information in the "National Keratoconus Foundation". they were very helpful (and nice!), they have a website with information on all forms of treatment:

good luck :)

Q. I would like to know what it takes to get on a liver transplant list..

I have been diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. I have been clean and sober now over 2 years... I have also been hospitalized more times than i don't like talking about but I have been admitted for high amounts of ammonia levels, low blood pressure, and dehydration
A1Thank you for your answer. At my next GI appointment, the doctors told me that to have someone else that i'd like to be there at which time he will explain it all to me and either my brother or sister because i've have been admitted so many times because of ammonia levels, my brain has hardly no memory left. Let's all with this disease stick together.
A2In my case, after 3 esophageal bleeds and several preventative variceal band ligations (6 in 15 months), I was "varices-free" as of Nov 2008. The GI guys want to have me evaluated for liver transplant at Baylor, TX. The evaluation looks at the physiological and psychological elements of liver transplant, including a candidate's "support network" pre and post surgery (i.e. non-qualified relatives, spouse, sig other, etc).

The tests carried out during evaluation are to determine a candidate's suitability for receiving a transplant, and MELD score (Model for End-stage Liver Disease). The tests are extensive and too numerous to list, but the evaluation will take a full week in-house at Baylor Regional Transplant Institute. I would think your doctor would be the one to talk to about the mechanism of referral to an Institute near you. I received a Liver Transplantation Patient Manual after referral and found it answered a lot of my questions (though, Baylor...if you r
A3My brother has liver cancer, and my question is can a family member give part of their liver to him? And what is the process
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